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HackExpo promotes today virtual vernissage of the exhibition “The Power of Innovation”, by Jota Azevedo

BNY Mellon sponsors festival of culture and digital trends. HackTudo will have socio-environmental exposure with technological scrap

BNY Mellon - global investment company - has joined HackTudo's team of sponsors, one of the main digital culture events in the country. With a constant commitment to innovation and focus on the implementation of technological solutions, BNY Mellon marks its debut with the presentation of the virtual show “The Power of Innovation”, from artist Jota Azevedo, that turns electronic waste into sculptures and paintings by big names in science and technology.

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Hack Expo is one of the main attractions of the event, reaching its fourth edition in a completely online and free format. In the virtual show, the viewer will be able to know about 20 works using features like zoom to see details of the pieces.

From 16 to 25 October, HackTudo programming offers workshops, workshops, lectures, drone race and hackathon to serve the most diverse audiences in technological media, cultural and digital.

Hack Expo

For HackTudo 2020, artist Jota Azevedo created unpublished pieces especially with electronic waste from computers, mouses, keyboards, Floppy, wires, chips, among other. The exhibition “The Power of Innovation” features reproductions of the faces of personalities like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Nicola Tesla and Alan Turing made with these recyclable materials.

The estimate that approximately 55 millions of tons of electronic waste are discarded every year in the world, it has become a life purpose for the artist who reuses discarded waste as raw material to produce art.

Since I was a kid, I liked to assemble new toys with objects brought from the trash of the building where my father worked. Eventually, I improved my skills and started to produce pieces that were recognized as works of art. Soon, then, pointed out my work as socio-environmental, which made me have a broader view to develop people's awareness of waste disposal ”, account Jota Azevedo.

In addition, the exhibition will have a space called “Expo-Robot” where the sculptures can be viewed in 360º. The complete exhibition can be accompanied by the public through a virtual tour, between days 16 to 25 October, on the event's official website (www.hacktudo.com.br).

After the event, the works will be available in the artist's collection.

Hack Conference

From 19 to 24 October, the Hack Conference will be held, an online conference with experts, professionals and lovers of digital culture. On 22 October, at 8:30 pm, Matilde Freitas, Head of Technology for LATAM from BNY Mellon, will participate in a panel to talk about diversity and technology highlighting the growth and difficulties of women in this market.

“There is a greater participation of women in the IT area, as companies have started to see diversity in a more strategic way. The more heterogeneous the team, more points of view, different skills and ways of thinking will contribute to problem solving ”, Matilde comments.

The panel also has Tatiana Kubotani, XP Investimentos Head of Tech Recruiting, and will be mediated by Ester Borges, coordinator of Minas Programs.

For more info, visit: www.hacktudo.com.br

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