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Vania Braga, Ciranda. Photo: Disclosure.

iGaleria hosts exhibition "The Imaginary", Vanya Braga

The show is part of a series Reminiscences of Childhood and has 15 Bronze works

Barueri, São Paulo - September 2019 - Between the days 19 September and 14 October, iGaleria the visitors can enjoy the exhibition "The Imaginary", the Brazilian artist and sculptor, Vania Braga. From the series "Reminiscences of Childhood", shows that has free entry, count with 15 Bronze works, and three air and two life-size.

For the first time in São Paulo with this exhibition, Vanya made a rescue of his childhood to portray in beautiful sculptures, street games epoch. "These are memories that arise from the depths of my soul", account. With a very personal touch, joy evidence to artist, simplicity and creativity of children reproduce their own toys.

in the works, the characters live the magic of turning pieces of wood and old bearings on a gravity racer, a hint of chalk and an annoying pebble in a Hopscotch, to build your own Pipa and travel with it in the wind, vibrating with the roll of marbles, of Spinning Top, the hula hoop and Ciranda. The Latinha Phone, Jump rope, Sliding scooter on the sidewalks and other innocent pranks that were lost in the past but are still alive in the memories of those who witnessed this generation.

In all games played with a light touch of color, result of a special brass foundries, joy and interaction among children is evident. In one of the works, the artist proposes a reflection on the negative influence of electronics in today's childhood. The sculpture, a boy and a girl, of costs, play in wireless cellular chat.

The Trustees show, entrepreneurs Cláudia Paronetti and Luis Dealis, count the inspiration for each work of the series is very personal and Vanya moved throughout the process. Making a ransom to their most intimate memories, the artist discovered his ability as a sculptor in childhood, while playing with mud on your vacation inside. "In working with clay hands of the artist are conducted course until gradually each piece takes shape", explains Claudia.

"This exhibition makes us think about our walk, everything we have learned and built along the journey, that separates us from those childhood days to the present time ", says Luis. Are nostalgic memories, now, immortalized in works of art.


Close contact with art since childhood, Vania Braga was created with the many artists who frequented his father's Atelier, the painter Alberto Braga. His work has gained recognition throughout the country and is on display in large visitation centers as the "Motherhood" sculpture, in Belo Horizonte International Airport, and the work of "Chico Xavier", Pedro Leopoldo. Commissioned by the Government of Minas Gerais, the project "Eternal Modernity", in the complex of Pampulha Lagoon, portrays Juscelino Kubitschek, Candido Portinari, Burle Marx and Oscar Niemeyer, in natural size, produced by Vania in partnership with fellow sculptor and artist miner Diego Rodrigues.

In his series of feline animals and nature, the best known among the general public, Arista reproduces ounces, lions, rhinos, hippos, gorillas, and other sculpted clay and processed in bronze or resin. His aesthetic impression clean, prioritizes the lines and essential forms of each animal in plastic and imposing poses that attract the eye.


Approaching the visitor that's more magic in the contemplation of a work of art is the proposal of iGaler!to. A space that encourages visitors in the exercise of interpretation, before a rich collection with paintings and sculptures of modern and contemporary Brazilian artists including; Di Cavalcanti, Aldemir Martins, Gustavo Rosa, Cassio Lazaro, Claudio Tozzi, Carlos Araújo, Cabral, Fang, Carybé, Gilberto Salvador, Ivald Granato, I'm Kit etc.. Under the slogan "Simply Art" to iGaler!to It opens its doors to lovers, also open, to experience the emotions that art provides or for those who wish to acquire quality ".

Exposure The Imaginarium of Vania Braga
# Free entry
Date: From 19 September to 14 October
Local: iGaler!to
Address: Alameda Araguaia, 681. Alphaville (Valet parking on site)
Time: Monday to Friday from 10am to 18pm and Saturdays from 10h to 15h
Phone: (11) 4193-1303

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