• Movement as the guiding thread of dialogue

INTERACTIONS 3 arrives at the headquarters of CANVAS Gallery in Barra Funda with four artistic forces from the movement. Are 15 works of Daniel Mello, Gustavo Aragoni, Lucas Quintas and Sueli Espicalquis. In a selection that includes paintings, drawings and objects, where “the abstract universe guides the work of these four artists and movement is the guiding line of the process. The works of this group have a pulse that is capable of making the visitor be swallowed by the compositions ”, explains Duilio Ferronato, Project's coordenador.

The abstract painting of Daniel Mello explores the relationship and resonances produced between color contrasts, shapes and textures. Inspired by the plurality of forms of architecture and by the marks of human occupation and transgression, like vandalism and graffiti, uses different media together, like oil paint, acrylic and spray on canvas, waste paper and wood. The composition of the painting takes place in layers where the work is the result of a game of construction and deconstruction of forms. Already, Gustavo Aragoni has a creative process that develops from a meeting, of a relationship of forces between your body and the body of available materials. There is no fully predetermined plan, creation arises out of chaos, of a tension, of a flow of movements that takes place according to the context of space and time.

Lucas Quintas develops works in different media such as drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations. His research revolves around materials, where it explores issues such as continuity, voltage, lightness, rigidity and balance. Seeks to subvert its use, trying to control the uncontrollable and transmit naturally. Through optical phenomena his works are produced on the viewers' retinas. With Sueli Espicalquis, construction and erasure are present in the work process, with overlapping layers, having an interest in linking color to oil paint materiality, with variations given by the mixture of beeswax and solvents. Images resulting from the juxtaposition of colors, in appropriate geometry and organic shapes, refer to landscapes seen through digital maps.

Gathered for the first time in the same exhibition space, the creators themselves give their vision of how their works talk to each other. Daniel Mello “I present a series of abstract paintings / drawings (….) always flirting with the powers that arise from the relationships and contrasts between colors, shapes and symbols ”, define Daniel Mello. The paintings of Sueli Espicalquis “Gouache and oil on canvas, with organic shapes and / or an appropriate geometry, with an emphasis on color and pictorial invoice, given by mixing solvents to thick oil paint, overlapping layers of paint, so that construction and erasure of images coexist; and, I suppose there is interaction (dialogue), between that and the production of the artists ”. To Gustavo Aragoni, “My works speak of gestuality, of materiality, drawing and above all, of processualities. I believe that these are elements common to the practice of the artists who participate in the exhibition and in that sense it is possible to create a relationship between the works, that together can produce a diverse aesthetic effect, but conceptually close ”. On the other hand, Lucas Quintas explains: “My work has some interactions, but I believe that the one with the viewer is the most relevant, for through its movement it becomes the guiding thread of new color discoveries, and images, the transformation of color in time and space.”


For lack of immunity, the possibilities of meetings were excluded. The simple perspective of interaction suggests contamination. ” The relations of the last 2 years among the artists of canvas Gallery have been fruitful and unusual. The group has been in constant contact, exchanging ideas and analyzing mutual actions. Artistic contact is both anthropophagic and appropriating; one look is enough and the transformation is already beginning. Artists purposely contaminate themselves with ideas, images and conversations. There is no place for barriers. Artistic processes matter as much as the result and, the constant provocations that arise from all parts, whether in the creative or commercial area, keeps us on constant alert ”, explains the coordinator Duílio Ferronato.

With INTERACTIONS, intend to discuss the processes and reach a new stage of artistic maturity, institutional and commercial.

"The 2 early years showed us several possibilities, that we firmly believe that encouraging the artistic process is what makes us excited for the next moves. ” CANVAS Gallery

Exhibition: “Interactions 3
Artist: Daniel Mello, Gustavo Aragoni, Lucas Quintas, Sueli Espicalquis
Period: from 15 of May to 24 th July 2021
Timetables: from Wednesday to Saturday, from 13 at 18h
Local: CANVAS Gallery
Brigadier Galvão Street, 990 -Barra Funda, São Paulo
wtsp (11) 99403-0023
Number of works: 15
Techniques: paintings, drawings and objects.
Price: on request
WebSite: www.lonagaleria.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lonagaleria
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lonagaleria

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