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João Loureiro. The wrong tiger. 2019. dimensions 142 x 253 cm. Adhesive. Edition 3 e PA. Photo: Disclosure. Gallery, São Paulo, Brasil.

João Loureiro | Electric fish-moto club | Gallery

See presents the first solo exhibition of the artist João Loureiro in the gallery space. The artist will also be presented at the fair List, Basel I, in Switzerland, the most important fairs for emerging galleries

The exhibition "electric fish-moto club", the artist João Loureiro, is on display in Gallery from 11 of May to 24 August and has drawings, animations and installations, one of them in the parking lot that occupies the ground floor of the building where the gallery is located Sé, just below the main showroom.

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The works dialogue with the context in which the gallery is located, the historic center of São Paulo, the first city street, high traffic of people and vehicles.

John works with a wide range of interests. biology, architecture and history to own art system, the works often deal with the banal, from the daily life. But here an everyday devoid of predictability, where everyday objects have changed their function, their social place trashed adding critical potential to the ordinary and usual.

Are poetic and conceptual complex operations: the development of a double-appropriate universe, somewhat absurd in their modes of representation and organization, able to assign new meanings to these objects.

This exhibition has as a characteristic ingredient elements of the universe to the center of Sao Paulo: car parks teeming with motorcycles, engines, exhausts, couriers, all in intense life and circulation. Above the parking lot located below the Cathedral gallery. To these elements, the artist adds filmográficas and literary references and even less common languages ​​to the circuit of the arts such as animation and comics.

The development of the work is part of a broad process of unfolding and contamination. Thus, A motorcycle, whose lighthouse is a movie projector, parked between other bikes on the lower level parking, It is transformed into a kind of chain cinema that circulate through the center. A second bike inside the gallery, upside down, turns in an old movie projector, shows an animation of a spinning pot.

Making use, yet, an element imagery use by the motorcyclists, John brings a set of stickers for inside the gallery: tigers, Michelin dolls, coats of cards and automotive brands applied in unusual way. recognizable icons in symbolic transgression, subverted the trivial logic of his understanding: highly consumed and recognizable images, here stripped of their original meaning, transformed into objects that no longer accept their immaterial status.

The drawing in large format of a frontal collision between two cars dating back to the universe of comics and literature. Here, o romance Crash, from 1973 J. G. Ballard, adds eroticism and violence the automotive imagery. The top view of the accident, What makes the scene visible from anywhere, refers to comics The Upside-Downs of Little Lady Lovekins an Old Man Muffarro, Gustave Verbeek, published between 1903 and 1905 no The New York Herald. The six weekly comic panels allowed to be read from both sides: rotating the tip page head, the same designs showed another story.

In the works presented, the artist uses expressive means something secondary, as animations, comics and adhesives. John destabilizes the banality of the value of everyday objects with their imagery operations and also destabilizes the notion of value within the art system through the inclusion of peripheral languages ​​to this. It is a provocation on the very superficiality of images built for easy consumption.

About to Be Galeria

Founded in 2014, the cathedral is an art gallery located in downtown São Paulo, that focuses on relationships with artists and their construction processes. The gallery provides critical monitoring structure, curated and support for execution of works, portfolio management, dissemination and marketing of the works of the artists represented. The appreciation of a transparent relationship and long-term, focusing on institutionalization and internationalization as visibility platform, See places in constant search for creative alternatives for management and circulation of artistic production with effective participation of artists.

Artists represented: Arnaldo de Melo, Paula Dalton, Deco Adjiman, Daniel Kairoz/ Fagus, Denise Alves-Rodrigues, Gustavo Speridião, João Loureiro, Manata laudarer, Maria Montero, Michel Zosima, Pedro Victor Brandão, Pontogor, Rafael RG, Rebecca Sharp e Traplev.

“Fish-electric-bike club ", shows individual de João Loureiro
From: 11/05/2019 to 24/08/2019
Rua Roberto Simonsen, 108 – See – São Paulo
Timetables: from Tuesday to Friday, from 12:00 to 7:00 pm; on Saturdays, from 12h to 17h
Tel.: +5511 3107 7047
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