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Jack Jolene At Home. Photo: Márcia Beatriz Granero.
Jack Jolene At Home. Photo: Márcia Beatriz Granero.

Márcia Beatriz Granero launches series of her character Jaque Jolene

Visual artist of video art and photography debuts weekly format on his instagram

Alone and indoors. A certain social isolation has always been part of the reality of Jaque Jolene. Unlike the pandemic situation in which the world finds itself, she opted for solitude. "But it is complete in itself", account Márcia Beatriz Granero, independent artist who created this character full of suspense and sarcasm ten years ago in his video art and photography works. His works have been shown in numerous international exhibitions and festivals, but now decided to publish on social networks. “It's an experimental format, but I was very interested to know what’s going on in my character’s head right now” says Márcia Beatriz who debuts, day 18 de Mayo, the “Jaque em Casa” series on Instagram @marciabeatrizgranero.

With short weekly episodes, the series is a tribute to art curators who have gone through Márcia Beatriz's career. In video calls format, the pieces reveal Jaque with his mute and mysterious pattern, through experiences shared by these women. Priscila Arantes and Paula Braga are among the guests and Alessandra Falbo opens the series next week, directly from lockdown of London.

About the Artist

Márcia Beatriz Granero is a video artist and photographer, graduated in visual arts at Centro Universitário Belas Artes – SP. There are 10 years created the character Jaque Jolene inspired by several upper middle class women, with television and cinematographic references, and pieces inherited from his family. With audiovisual language, Márcia scripts the micro narratives, movies, directs photography and editing his work.

Márcia Beatriz's first exposed work was at TRIP Paulista, where Jaque Jolene was born and exhibited at many international video art festivals, cinema and group exhibitions, like VERBO at Galeria Vermelho. Even today he receives invitations to present it. Also participated in programs of relevant exhibitions in São Paulo for artists at the beginning of their careers: Sudden at the Exhibition Program Exhibition at Centro Cultural São Paulo; Phantom at the Phosphorus Residence; Auctions in the season of projects at Paço das Artes.

Abroad, he held individual exhibitions such as Heteronymy, at Galeria Abierto Theredoom in Madrid; Artistic residency and exhibition Tabaroa in Portugal and Pining for Pearls at Darlling Attic in London. All filmed and shown in the cities themselves.

Artist contact for sales:
+55 11 96156-8141


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