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2ª Art Women. Art: Sarah LEEE.

Women from different artistic universes are in the group show '2nd Women Art’

Shows in Embu das Artes brings together over 40 artists who exhibit works ranging from the academic to the contemporary

Women's month, It takes place the second edition of the collective exhibition "Art Women" at the Cultural Center of Assisi Master Embu, bringing together works by over 40 artists, as paint, sculpture, drawing, terracota, facilities etc.. In shows, female sensibility in art different universes will be expressed in different languages, from the academic, passing by modernism and the naif, to contemporary. The curator is Paul Dud under the organization of the Secretariat of Culture of Embu das Artes.

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Participating artists: Ana Lucia dos Santos Moura, Macedo, Carmen Lucia, Edna Alves, Elena Rotta, Elisabeth Costa Melo, Heloize Rosa, Lucia Mingarro, Joferraz, Monica Alvarenga, Meire Lopes, Miren Edurne, Maria José Araújo, Márcia H., Silvia Maia, Sueli Aparecida dos Santos, Elza Kalybatas, Marinilda Meditation, Rosangela Politano, Silvia Marques, Rosa Maria Lara, Kazuhe Shizuru, Vera Lucia, Valcilene de Oliveira France, Janete Sabag, so Tereza, Moon Rodrigues da Silva, Katia Clement, Claudia Begel, Sonia Sore, The Lindáurea, Marilúcia Chacon, Silvia Kashi, Clea Alves, glaucia Gita,Tonia of Embu, Marcia Francisco, Juliana Lima, Josefa, Alda, Solange, Gerald and Claudia Scassio.

2ª Art Women
Date: from 07/ to 29/03
Local: Cultural center Master of Assisi Embu (Largo 21 April, 29, Center, Embu das Artes). Tel.: 4781-4462
Operation: from Monday to Friday (9h to 9:00 pm) and Saturday and Sunday (9h to 6:00 pm)

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