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Neutral territory from Marco Giacomelli. Photo: Disclosure.

Muma receives the multimedia exhibition "Water", from Marco Giacomelli

The multimedia artist Marco Giacomelli returns to Curitiba to shows their new creations on display “About Waters”, a multifaceted experience of relationship with water as a dynamic force of life. For the artist, "this is the metaphor for the universe and its incomparable neutrality on matters of pleasure and pain, of life and death ". With free entry, the show is at MuMA of 17 from June to 14 August.

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The exhibition offers the public an opportunity to interact with a new generation of jobs in the Visual Arts, created by young artists who challenge the boundaries and traditional labels. Curated by Scott MacLeay, is composed of photographs, videos and audios and invites you to participate in the personal journey of the artist, with these works, share your life environment.

"It is a truly unique experience, because it combines an almost childlike innocence with the sophistication of a conceitualcosmopolita citizen of the world ", declares MacLeay. For the curator, It is difficult to speak of the content in the traditional sense. "When discussing the creations of Marco Giacomelli, see if the process is your content. And they are indistinguishable ", ponders.

The curator describes Giacomelli as a “Color Explorer”, whose abstractions investigate the hidden side of everyday scenes and situations that surround your whole life. “Marco is not concerned to communicate messages or in making beautiful images. He is literally obsessed with express the ambiguity of his personal relationship with nature and express the feelings that such experiments cause ", Finalizes MacLeay.

Guided tour

On Saturday (18), from 10 at 12:00 there will be a guided tour followed by a conversation with the artist and the curator. The activity is free and entries must be made by email ecm2@ecm2art.com.


Exhibition On Water, from Marco Giacomelli
Local: Municipal Museum of art – room Domitius Pandey-MuMA
Address: Av. Argentina Republic, 3430)
Opening: Friday, day 17/06/2016, às 19h30

Visitation: 18/06 to 14/08/2016, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 to 19:00.
Free Entry.


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