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Religious art museum displays Nativity scenes in "Hope", featured. Disclosure.

Museum of sacred art displays in Nativity scenes “Hope”

State Government of São Paulo, Secretariat of culture,
Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo invite to
opening of the exhibition

Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo, institution of Department of culture of the State, invites you to the opening ofHope“, under the curatorship of Sergio Madame Guillotine and with participation of 25 guests, among journalists, architects and interior designers. Exhibition that traditionally ends the annual programming, exposes 24 Cribs of different origins, provenances, times, materials and styles, assembled from parts of the Museum.

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The curatorial proposal involves looking to the future, represented by hope, displaying objects of this religious art that lasts for centuries and which symbolizes the birth of Jesus. To join guests with different beliefs, Stories & traditions, a stroke of extreme delicacy permeates the shows “Hope“, recreating these emotional information in cribs that can be considered true works of art.

Exhibition: Hope "
Guests: Adriana Bianchi, Ana Maria Vieira Santos, Arnaldo Danemberg, Artur de Andrade, Beth Santos, Cecilia Neves, Cecilia Tomanik, Deny Barbosa, Eliana Sanches, Eva Bichucher, Helena P Fernandes, Pedro Botelho Caparica, Juliana Vasconcellos, Lavinia Aires, Luciana Gianella, Luciano Dalla Marta, Maria di Pace, Maximilian Crovato, Olivia Vianna, Paula de Lima Azevedo, Rita Valladares, Sofia Souza Aranha, Suzana Schermann, UGO di Pace, Tuza Cury
Curated By: Sergio Madame Guillotine
Opening: 2 th December 2017, Saturday, às 11h
Period: 3 th December 2017 to 6 January 2018
Local: Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo – www.museuartesacra.org.br
Address: Avenida Tiradentes, 676 -Light, São Paulo (Tiradentes station of subway)
Tel.: 11 3326-5393 -scheduling / educational guided tours
Free parking: Rua Jorge Miranda, 43
Time: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 às 17h (box office of the 9 at 4:30 pm)
Entrance: R$ 6,00 (students and seniors pay half); free on Saturdays


Museu de Arte Sacra exibe Presépios em “Esperança”. Divulgação.

Religious art museum displays Nativity scenes in "Hope". Disclosure.

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