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Museum of Illusions. Photo: Gustavo Paravidino.

Museum of illusions does promotion in honor of the anniversary of Rio de Janeiro

During the month of March the adult ticket will have a discount of R $ 21, going to cost R $ 45

Success since its opening in January, the Illusions Museum will give back to the city all the affection received from the opening. In honor of the birthday 455 years of Rio de Janeiro, celebrated on the 1st, throughout the month of March adults living in the city will have a discount of R $ 21 in the ticket value, in reference to DDD Rio, paying only $ 45. We must present a proof of residence. But the child ticket remains R $ 33. The Illusions Museum is next to the station of the cable car to Sugar Loaf, Praia Vermelha, na Climb, and is open daily from 9 am to 21h.

To Ekaterina Bertrand, director of the Museum, this is a special gift for the locals, that as tourists, have fun with scenarios in 3D. "In January and February we had lines at just about every day, with many locals, tourists from outside of Rio de Janeiro and foreign. We realize that the anniversary of the city is a unique opportunity to give back the love that we receive here. We want to see photos of entire families in our panels. ", He explained Ekaterina.

The Museum has Illusions 300 square meters and offers an interactive experience, immersive and fun for everyone. Visitors can immerse themselves in Brazil and Latin American culture through 42 3D illusions scenarios drawn on the walls. The panels are hand-drawn by a team of contemporary artists who use augmented reality technique, creating dozens of amazing illustrations.

About the Museum of Illusions

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After Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, the world famous illusions Museum opened in January its newest unit in Rio de Janeiro, in Urca, next to the cable car Sugar Loaf. The spaces offer a unique experience to visitors of all ages, allowing the imagination challenge the senses. The visitor will be amazed 3D arts and can interact with the landscape, turning fantasy and dreams into reality. Whether for a selfie, a family picture, vacation or a meeting, their social networks will have the most amazing posts after a visit to the famous Museum of Illusions.

Museum of Illusions
Address: Pasteur Avenue, 520 - Urca - Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Operation: Every day, das 9h às 21h
Values: From $ 66 (entire) por R$ 45 (even day 31 March) | R$ 33 (half price)
Tickets: rioillusions.com/ingressos
Phone: (21) 4112-4554

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