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Array report. The Museum of the city of Curitiba.
Array report. The Museum of the city of Curitiba.

New engraving Museum displays highlight the technique of lithography

New exhibitions will be open on Thursday (13), in the City of Curitiba engraving Museum. The works presented in five different exhibitions have in common the use of the technique of lithography – reproduction process that uses limestone as array.

One of the exhibitions brings together the collection of lithographic stones of Curitiba city engraving Museum, with images of ancient commercial labels that were printed in this technique until the late 19 and beginning of the century 20. The "lithographic stones" tell part of the story of the Visual Arts and graphic design, bringing treasures of time.

In one of the rooms, will be exposed 20 engravings of the collection of the Museum and, as a counterpoint, another exhibition will present artists working with lithography today, revealing his poetic and artistic processes. Regulars of the workshops of engraving Museum will also have the chance to show their work. In this press conference, they explore the process color and matrix charts lost (reduction print) the technique of linoleogravura.

The artist Julia Kobus Arbigaus will open your individual "Lithographic Mirror", bringing together a series of self-portraits. The work, developed for about a year and a half, was the topic of your final project (Degree in Visual Arts-EMBAP) with emphasis in Poetics. The artist realizes inside the lithographic technique a chance for reflection, resulting in images that represent fragments of this experience.

During the period of the exhibition will be displayed a video with statements from artists explaining about their work. Also will be held weekly meetings with the artists for a chat about specific themes in the various languages of the Visual Arts. Will be participating in these wheels of conversation the artists Giselle and Gio Abdallh Soifer, Mariana Galli and Bianca Kings, Constance Pinheiro and Janete Anderman and the PATA-Juliana Kudlinski, Maria Teresa C. Abagge and Daniel Bettio.

"The exhibitions allow the evolution of this technique of engraving, that initially had a more commercial use and then gained artistic quality ", explains the Coordinator of the engraving Museum, Juliana Kudlinski. At 6:00 pm this Thursday (13), before the opening of the exhibitions, Juliana will make an open class in the workshops of the Museum for a demonstration of the lithographic printing process.


Exhibition opening
Local: Engraving Museum city of Curitiba-Solar do Barão (S. Carlos Cavalcanti, 533)
Opening: 13 th July 2017 (Thursday), at 19h.
Dates and times: from 13 from July to 3 September. From Tuesday to Friday, the 9:0 to 12:0 and 1:0 pm to 6:0 pm. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 12:00 to 6:00 pm.
At 6:00 pm, before the opening, Open class in the workshops of the Museum with a demonstration of the lithographic printing process.
Information: (41) 3321-3360

Free entry



Collection of lithographic stones of the MGCC

20 lithographs from the collection of the MGCC

Collective exhibition

Artist Julia Kobus Arbigaus

Press Conference with works by artists MGCC goers

Cezar Regina, Giselle Abdallh, Janete Anderman, Maikel da Maia, Marcos Francowicz (Two Seal), Mariana Galli, Maria Lucia de Julio, Daniel Bettio and Silvio Dose.

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