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Image by Stefano Ferrario from Pixabay.
Image of Stefano Ferrario by Pixabay.

Why bet on a clean decor? See how-to tips

Onthe time to decorate an environment, conquered with so much sweat, people go to great lengths to invest in something beautiful and comfortable, but they often sin by excess. So, it's time to understand why a clean decoration can be so effective.

With a more minimalist trend, a clean decoration is objective, practical and efficient when it comes to accommodating people. Nothing better than a sophisticated environment with a monolithic coating to make the place look bigger.

These ideas made this type of environment so requested by architects when renovating that office that is opening its doors., or that brand new apartment.

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As main features, a clean decoration is focused on what is essential for a space, giving preference to lightly loaded environments. So, the focus is more on neutral colors for furniture, painting and lighting.

This will bring visual comfort, with the main objective of making the environment cleaner and lighter. Remember if, throughout the process, comfort will not be forgotten, because the place must fulfill its main objective.

To help you in the mission of decorating your space in a clean way, we separated some tips of this type of setting. So, do not waste more time and follow the reading of this article.

1 – Space doesn't ask for so much furniture

Large environments require a lot of furniture so they don't look empty, small environments can count on little furniture, these that must be well thought out, so that the environment is not loaded.

Minimalist decorating strategies, which is the case with a clean decoration, should give the environment an objective impression of why they are in that environment, for this, furniture plays a fundamental role.

Think about chrome bathroom accessories, they must be beautiful and sharp in the environment, but, in a toilet, for example, do not exert an influence like the sinks or the basin, but they are there and should give prominence to what will be noticed by people.

Another example is that instead of using a huge sofa with several armchairs, that will occupy the entire space of the room, only a sofa will be used to solve the accommodation problem and leave the place cleaner.

With this, it is possible to enjoy the environment, minimizing the space used and fulfilling the main objective, that is, accommodate people! Including, currently, many people prefer the basics, in view of their troubled routines.

2 – Bet in neutral tones

A clean environment is focused on neutral colors, that are white, silver and gray. If you are interested in giving a different touch to the space, you can also bet on mirrors or glass cladding.

Another cool idea is to use some more flashy item, to give a contrast to the neutral colors, for example, bet on one chandelier ceiling the hall, especially if all your walls are white.

In addition, be careful with strong colors, that can leave the environment visually polluted and, even, warmer during the summer days. Some tones being a little dangerous for this style of decoration:

  • Red;
  • Orange;
  • Green;
  • blue;
  • Yellow;
  • Among others.

So, in this part of the project, it is extremely important that the whole is also evaluated, that is, see what are your decorative items, the tissues present in space, as well as the types of floor coverings used.

3 – Think about the floor and how to maintain it

As briefly cited above, floor coverings must follow the whole line of clean decor, thinking about that, a good tip is to bet on simple and elegant floors, for example, the epoxy floor covering.

Another darling is the vinyl floor, that can be chosen always thinking about the rest of the items, because it has a multitude of models and colors. Of course, this market is full of good options, so it will not be so difficult to make the right choice.

However, regardless of the type chosen, maintenance should always be evaluated, mainly thinking about ways to avoid headaches or future problems. Think of those easy to install, to clean and change, if that is the case someday.

4 – The lighting must be clear and elegant

Lighting is one of the most important points within a clean decor. Thinking about it, the ideal is to bet on elegant luminaires, but be careful with the installation, because when done wrong, may end up obfuscating the space.

Therefore, remember that chandeliers, when placed on a table, should stay 90 centimeters from the surface. In addition, in case you don't want to think about these pieces, you can bet on a large window well located, since, natural lighting is great.

Besides, another very cool style within the clean decor is the lighting retrofit, which takes up little space and has light as its main focus, not the decorative piece, which is very useful for properties that are getting smaller and smaller.

The resident can also bet on the use of neutral led strips, these that are strategically placed in the decoration, as a way to enhance some specific space or item.

However, it is important to be careful with the tapes, they are sensitive. Therefore, contact a professional, so you won't have headaches. Finally, regardless of your choice, do a lot of research and plan according to your space.

5 – Think about creating functional and integrated environments

Real estate is getting smaller and smaller, therefore, creating integrated and functional environments ends up generating a sense of spaciousness, even more if mirrors are used in the decoration, as cited above.

Thinking about it, enjoy the neutral tones of the clean decor, and create a continuation between living room and kitchen, to make the space bigger and more sophisticated. For this, bet on islands or on a stainless steel countertop.

Another important point when decorating your space is to think about the layout of sockets and power points in general, mainly so that everything is placed in a way that facilitates the connection of home appliances and electronics.

So, along with a cabinetmaker or, even, an architect, try to think of ways to create a functional and beautiful environment. If you are going to opt for custom furniture, the ideal is to make several visits to the space, to be sure of the disposition of the items.

6 – Plan all the points before you start

Just like any decorative project, it is essential that you plan all the points, this avoids future problems or major maintenance and renovations. As mentioned in all previous topics, professional help is of utmost importance.

However, in the functions that you can do yourself, for example, buy furniture and decorative items, you always have to be careful, mainly so that everything fits perfectly in your space and, of course, in your budget.

Therefore, rate all rooms, as well as the items, for example, a big bed for the bedroom, a four seater sofa for the living room, of stainless steel table to the kitchen and so on. Just like in the previous topic, remember to observe every little corner.

As for the clean decor, always remember the catchphrase: less is more! In other words, there is no need to bet on a multitude of furniture, just create a compact environment, functional and elegant.

When thinking about buying multiple items, stop and reflect if this will fit your routine, especially if you go to clean the rooms yourself, which can hinder and depend on a much longer time, that sometimes you don’t even have enough.


Throughout the article, it was seen that a clean decoration has several benefits for scenarios that require a simpler environment, elegant and objective. Points that are the focus of most people, especially those that have a very busy routine.

Thinking about it, if you recently performed the building painting external of your property, can, now, start thinking and assembling the decorative items in your home, since, with the tips covered in this article, it became easier to avoid errors and problems.

Besides, the whole environment must be set up thinking about bringing comfort to the people who will use the space in question. Do not forget: decoration should be focused on more neutral colors, basic and functional furniture and other very specific details.

Finally, the main point of this decoration is the fact that it can be made by yourself, without needing major renovations or very imposing items. See how investing in clean decor is something positive? How about implementing this in your home or apartment?

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the time to decorate an environment, conquered with so much sweat, people go to great lengths to invest in something beautiful and comfortable, but they often sin by excess. So, it's time to understand why clean decor can be so effective. With a more minimalist trend, a clean decoration is objective, practical and efficient when it comes to accommodating people. Nada melhor que um ambiente sofisticado com um revestimento monolítico para dar uma aparência maior ao local. Essas ideias fizeram com que esse tipo de ambientação fosse tão requisitado por arquitetos na hora de reformar…

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