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Next Friday in July there will be a dramatized reading cycle by Carlo Goldoni at IIC-Rio

Organizado pelo Instituto Italiano de Cultura o dramaturgo italiano Carlo Goldoni, autor de “Arlequim, server of two masters ”that won in Brazil a spectacular translation by Millôr Fernandes, wins cycle of dramatized Readings

Curated by director and playwright Alessandra Vannucci and the participation of actors Julio Adrião, Julia Carrera, Tiago Catarino, Savio Moll, Nicola Siri, Giovanna de Toni and actors of the Laboratory of Aesthetics and Politics and Social Theater Workshop and State Technical Theater School Martins Penna, the free cycle and in Portuguese, has two presentations (10 and 24 July)

A Italian Cultural Institute in Rio de Janeiro presents the cycle of dramatic readings of dramatist texts Venetian Carlo Goldoni, considerado um dos maiores autores europeus de theater, cuja obra junto com a de Pirandello, constitute the main vehicle for the diffusion of Italian dramaturgical art throughout the world. The Portuguese texts are part of the author's first anthology published this year in Brazil by Perspectiva, curated by the teacher and theatrical director of ECO / UFRJ, Alessandra Vannucci.

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Readings will be carried out in two fridays in july, day 10 and 24 July, to 18 hours, presented by the virtual platform ZOOM. The first plays chosen were Leque and Dona da pousada, which will be dramatized by a cast of actors and actresses in training and professional actors such as Julio Adrião, Julia Carrera, Tiago Catarino, Savio Moll, Nicola Siri, Giovanna de Toni. As apresentações serão gratuitas, no admission fee or payment for any of those involved. The social objective will be to collect cash donations for the UFRJ University Hospital. Sign the general direction of the project and the direction of the scene, respectively, Alessandra Vannucci and Daniel Pimentel.

Despite being among the classics of world theater, especially in the context of comedy, Goldoni (Venice, 1707 – Paris, 1793) never received due attention in Brazil by the editorial market. There are not many Brazilian publications of his vast production, except Harlequin, two master server, translated by Millôr Fernandes, which attracted the interest of readers and artists of different generations, having been assembled in Rio and São Paulo several times with great success. Few other parts, translated to Brazilian assemblies in the last decades, have not been published or are already sold out.

A anthology Carlo Goldoni that will integrate the collection “authors”, from Perspectiva publisher, specializing in theatrical publications, vem preencher esta lacuna. A seleção dá preferência aos títulos mais significativos da carreira artística de Goldoni como diretor de companhia em diálogo com públicos, actors and especially actresses of his time; and aims to offer an unprecedented repertoire of classic comedies to the Brazilian theater class and contemporary readers.

A Carlo Goldoni reading cycle is an achievement of Italian Institute of Culture (IIC-Rio) e do Aesthetics and Politics Laboratory. Apoios e parcerias: State Theater Technical School Martins Pena, School of Culture and Oficina Social de Teatro (OST).

The pieces:

Fan – 10/07 – Friday: 18 hours

List: Sávio Moll as Evaristo; Giovanna de Toni as Gertrude; 6 actresses / actors from the Aesthetics and Politics Laboratory; 3 actors of the Social Theater Workshop; 3 actors from the Martins Penna Theater State Technical School

Synopsis: In the 1760, another day dawns in the populous neighborhood of Aldeia de Casas Novas, Milan suburb. Evaristo is hopelessly in love with Candida, a young lady who lives with her aunt Gertrude, a demanding widow. After breaking the fan of his beloved by accident, the young nobleman decides to buy a new one to give him as a gift. In order to mislead Mrs. Gertrude, he asks Ladybug, a peasant woman with fixed ideas, to deliver the product. What Evaristo could not imagine is that this single object, apparently simple, would become such a contested gift by the neighbors to the point of risking their entire plan.

The Fan, Italian comedy Carlo Goldoni (1707 – 1793), originally written in french, portrays a declining aristocracy and affirms the rise of a pre-revolutionary bourgeoisie. With quick and humorous dialogues, his characters discuss the value attributed to a work of art, indispensable issue for contemporary society.

Inn owner – 24/07 – Friday: 18 hours

List: Julia Carreira as Mirandolina; Nicola Siri as Knight; three actresses / actors from the Aesthetics and Politics Laboratory; two actors from the Social Theater Workshop; two actors from the Martins Penna Theater State Technical School

Synopsis: Mirandolina owns a well-known inn in prosperous 18th century Florence. Famous for its enchanting physical beauty and outstanding personality, she shares the tasks with Fabrício, a great childhood friend whom he treats as a brother. Former guests of the inn, the Marquis of Forlipópoli and the Count of Albafiorita vie for the loving attention of the owner, behold, the Ripafratta Knight arrives on a journey, a curious guy. In a predominantly male environment of a decadent aristocracy, the irreverent Mirandolina does everything to maintain its position, even when challenged to make decisions about the future of her life.

The Dona da Pousada is perhaps the most prominent work written by Carlo Goldoni (1707 – 1793) until today. In Brazil, this version translated by Jacobbi (in partnership with Italy Fausta) debuted in July 1955 at the Maria della Costa Theater in São Paulo, with Maria della Costa as the protagonist and Fernanda Montenegro doing Dejanira.

Alessandra Vannucci. Photo: Disclosure.

Alessandra Vannucci. Photo: Disclosure.

The curator: Alessandra Vannucci

Award-winning Italian director and playwright, PhD in Letters from PUC-Rio, is a professor at the School of Theater Direction and in the Post-Graduation in Scene Arts at ECO-UFRJ. Coordinates the Aesthetics and Politics Laboratory (LEP / ECO-UFRJ) conducting international research seminars and public art interventions, with support from CNPq and FAPERJ. Publicou ensaios e livros focando ideias e artistas viajantes. Currently, pesquisa a cena expandida e ativista no espaço público (Teatro do Oprimido, Living Theatre).

Ciclo de Leituras Carlo GoldoniEspetáculo Leque
PRESENTATIONS: 10/07 (Friday): Fan; 24/07 (Friday): Dona da pousada
Time: 18 hours
No Zoomduração aproximada de 1 hour and a half
Inscriptions: by email centro.iicrio@esteri.it or WhatsApp through the number (21) 3534.4344.
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