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The artist Rodrigo Franzão alongside one of his works. Photo: Disclosure.

Rodrigo Franzão represents the Brazil with two works in textile art biennial in Ukraine, that starts day 22 October

In the exhibition Fibremen 5, of which only involved men who have
art using fabric, Franzão will present two works of his own.

Biennial Fibremen 5 in Ukraine. Photo: Disclosure.

Fibremen 5. Photo: Disclosure.

At the same time in terminating your exhibition "Katharsis", in New York City, in the Gallery of the National Arts Club Marquis, the artist Rodrigo Franzão celebrates its participation at the bienal Fibremen 5 – International Textile Art Exhibition, in Ukraine, of which only male artists, in the period of 22 October to 5 November 2015. Franzão works were selected by a rigorous jury, I chose too 2 works by each artist in other countries.


FIBREMEN 5 -International Textile Art Exhibition
Visitation: 22 October to 5 November 2015



About Rodrigo Franzão – Was born in São Paulo in 1982, and settled in Abadiânia, City in the State of Goiás, in 2013. Started the artistic process soon after ending the teaching career, which he exercised as teacher of Portuguese language for almost a decade. His interest in Visual Arts at the Faculty of letters was consolidated, course completed at the University San Marcos in 2014, in that might, through literature, encouraging reflexive perception. That perception has strengthened in a specialization in Pedagogy and art therapy and that extended into another, Communication in art education, specializations in FPA (São Paulo School of art) between 2008 and 2011, awakening the importance and the meaning of making art for the artist. Such a relationship was in the relevant passage of Rodrigo Franzão for the Faculty of architecture and Urbanism at FMU (United Metropolitan College FIAMFAAM) in 2011, which you added space organization and visual communication. In order to attach such theoretical knowledge to practice, in the year 2013, going on to study art at CEUCLAR (Centro Universitário Claretiano) in order to clarify the minutiae of historical context, social, aesthetic and art critic. Instigated by the geometric abstractionism and the Constructivist Art, the artist is expressed with the purpose of revealing the existing transparency of material for everyday use, which feed his interest in social behavior and the relationship between objects and actions that reinforce human needs. Develops multiple languages by means of graphical plots, using mixed techniques to highlight the details and mechanisms that fragment in dispersions, intervals and noises.

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