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Photography photographic exhibition of "Sustainable Everest". Photo: Gabriel Tarsus.

São Paulo hosts the photographic exhibition "Sustainable Everest"

In partnership with Mitsubishi, the exhibition aims to show the public the expedition photos and videos to Mount Everest, which enabled the making of a documentary to raise awareness about the accumulated garbage in the highest mountain in the world; the event will be held in the mall JK MitPoint with free entry

São Paulo, December 2019 – In order to provide an environmental awareness campaign and cleaning of Mount Everest, the MitPoint Shopping JK receives a photo exhibition with the theme "Sustainable Everest, between days 16 to 21 of december. The initiative with the participation of the entrepreneur and environmentalist Caio Queiroz, the businesswoman Mariana Britto, do Carlos Santalena – mountaineer who has reached the summit of Mount Everest three times – and cinematographer Gabriel Tarsus, brings expedition images, revealing by means of a documentary, environmental aspects and impacts of the region, to help promote sustainable tourism and show how it is possible to realize a trip without harming the environment. Along with the documentary that will be released in mid-February 2020, forecast display with a cable channel, the team will release a sustainability guide for responsible behavior on the mountain – in English and Portuguese.

According to Caio Queiroz, environmentalist who participated in the expedition and founding partner of Sustainable Media, one of the sponsors of the event, the exhibition will be a way to show to the public Expedition photos, and all they did to provide cleaning to the local. "The purpose is to show how it is possible to carry out a trip with minimal environmental impact – just planning and organization to generate little waste, rationalize the use of water, not to waste energy and also help reduce the impacts already caused. We made a pre-trip research to understand as were the environmental structures in the region, to be able to interact in the best way, leaving negative traces ", account.

The businesswoman Mariana Britto explains that the exhibition will feature photos taken by her and by expeditionary Gabriel Tarsus, showing a little of what went on this adventure and all environmental survey by region. "The documentary will have new images of garbage left on the track as well as interviews with those responsible for collecting garbage on the mountain, and part of that content can be seen on display. All this was only possible with the help of our partners, such as Corona, The North Face, LX group, GoPro, Evoke, Bio2Organic e Aegean ', ends.

About Event: photo exhibition with the theme "Sustainable Everest"
Local: MitPoint do Shopping JK – São Paulo
Date: Day 16 to 21 of december
Entrance: free


About Caio Queiroz

Caio Pereira de Queiroz has been operating for more than 20 years in the environmental market. A pioneer in the field of selective collection, It specializes in implementation of Waste Management Systems, and development of Environmental Marketing Programs. It has expertise in corporate and municipal waste programs, advertising and marketing. It is also a partner at Sustainable media, company that builds and manages sustainability platforms that combine environmental management, environmental marketing and OOH media, that are effective for the brand and environmentally friendly, leaving a positive legacy for society.

About Mariana Britto

Mariana Britto found in sports and adventure a way of living and working, thereby achieving, know more than 41 countries throughout the career. Graduated in Social Communication in Radio and Television by the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), He started his professional career next to the famous family of sailors, a Família Schurmann! Worked 10 years as the executive responsible for the care of the Corporate Schurmann, company Schurmann Group. also contributed in event production, developing training programs for companies in Brazil and abroad. Then, She was invited to "board" with the Schurmann family in society Ecco Talent, making the executive agency responsible for the great personalities of the world of adventure in business talks and specialized projects. It is currently host of the Rally dos Sertões, trading partner in the Sustainable Media and is dedicated in preparation for adventure expeditions.

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