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Architecture Week – Lecture with Santiago Ribeiro at UNIP Sorocaba by Rosângela Vig


Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Architecture Week – Lecture with Santiago Ribeiro at UNIP Sorocaba
by Rosângela Vig

Don't make it a dream to accomplish will no way marked. You are the owner of all paths.

(MEIRELES, 1995, hymn XXIII)

Maybe that's the message that an artist can leave, do uncompromised, without utopias, with the sole purpose of delight. And that's what we see in the path of Santiago Ribeiro, plastic artist. From his mockups, the prints are those of Enchantment, for such perfection and so much life. The beholder, It is that feeling of watching a little bit more and that, suddenly from within a House, a resident gay open the door or window and wave your hand, a cordial greeting. Such is the proximity to real life, in details, in Santiago. In each job, a nicety that, the artist did not escape.


Santiago Ribeiro is a Visual Artist and Writer.

In Favela of pacifications, There are telephone poles and wires, hanging clothes in the Windows, on the Clothesline, a small saucepan on the stove, chairs and tables inside homes, appear to have been left by a resident who left and right back, soon. In Santorini, It seems that until you can feel the warmth of the Sun resting on the white houses impurities on the rocks, bathed by the beautiful sea of Greece. In each House, There are more details, Spring, closing in arcos, contrast with the blue of the frames of Windows and doors, that look like they will open any minute. There are floors, banks and some houses conceal a light curtain under the glass, others, with half-open doors, lead a life sign to set. At night, life intensifies in Santorini of Santiago, that is all lit up. And still there are castles, churches and the collages that emerge from their sharp creativity. Each work embodies a different reality, with the artist's trademark.

What draws attention is not just the beauty of the works, for his approach to reality, but any poetry that comes from the harmony of shapes and colors, in all its wealth of details. The slum of Pacificações, a piece of work Santiago Ribeiro, is featured in 2st. phase of the triennial of SESC, in Sorocaba and attracted the attention of Professor of art history and of the pupils of the course of architecture at the Universidade Paulista. The artist was so, invited for an informal chat, about his work. Its simplicity in speech and a willingness to share information translated what you think about the art, and that is stamped in his work.

A street in Paraty 2

Encouraged by a teacher, still in high school, Santiago already gave indications that it would tread the paths of art. And, in a humorous, counted as spent by other professions. The target should be mapped out for him. So disengaged, the artist even commented on how to make your mockups, about the use of materials and about being a fine artist. It was very clear your perfectionism with regard to what makes. What makes his work unique is the relationship and coherence between colors and shapes. His art is the result of a thorough work of research that the artist makes on the subject that will treat in your model. In the case of the favela, Santiago came to visit the site, walking through the alleys and talking with the locals. Attentive, future architects heard information and guidance about this Art, that is also one of the subjects of the courses of architecture and Interior Design.

My sweet orange tree 2

The artist has shared information about the art in miniatures, in a pleasant conversation which ended with photographs with students. Of your line, that sure that true art has spirit. It lies in the details, the impression that promotes beautiful work, but the artist must plunge into the universe of his art and that she transcends through your hands, uncompromised form, a do do, free. It is necessary that the author, She talk, colors and shapes to talk to each other and to transmit it to the beholder. To the viewer, only fits if enchant.

Artworks of the Artist:

Photos with students:


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