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Photo: Sarah Moon, Cacharel Perfumes, Anaïs Anaïs 1985 (detail).

Sixth International Free with the curator Claudia Buzzetti

Assembly roomto The photographer Copyright in advertising

Day 8 of december, 19h30 – free entry

How do you define a good photographic image of advertising? Why nowadays the advertising photographer feels more artisan than artist? These are some of the issues that will be addressed by curator Claudia Buzzetti next Friday Free, day 08/12 to 19h30, in the lecture The photographer Copyright in advertising. Claudia, born in England and based in Italy, will present an overview on the most beautiful and meaningful photographic images on the world advertising, reflecting on how the photographic medium and great authors had the possibility to do commercial photography without losing your identity.

Claudia Buzzetti graduated in contemporary history at the Faculty of letters and Philosophy at the University of Bologna, is curator, researcher and photo critique. In 2010-2011 He joined the Studio of image and, currently, She is Professor of Communication at the undergraduate degree in photography at the IED in Milan and works, mainly, with cultural production in Italy.

Saturday, 09/12, from 9:00 to 4:00 pm, Claudia will be in the Studio of the image, available for consultancy for projects and copyright works. Each service will have 1:00 long. Registration can be performed in the school Secretariat or by phone 2244 5660. Cost: $120.00.

**Other possible schedules for this week (04 to 09/12) upon request.

Friday free with Claudia Buzzetti
Day 8 of december, 19h30
Free Entry
Lecture The photographer Copyright in advertising
Day 9 of december, from 9 at four

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