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Last weekend of art with Ziriguidum on X Art Edition Orange and Cosme Velho

DIAS 23, 24 And 25 OF OCTOBER, The 11 At 9:00 pm.

Greasy buffoons and Tico Sebosinho – father and son on the art of making you laugh. Photo: Disclosure.

Greasy buffoons and Tico Sebosinho – father and son on the art of making you laugh. Photo: Disclosure.

The project Art With Ziriguidum terminates its programming in the days 23, 24 and 25 October (Friday, saturday and sunday), from 11 at 9:00, on the Square Largo do Machado, Catete-RIO DE JANEIRO.

The project carried out by the AMAL -Association of residents and friends of Orange and Cosme Velho and Lanoz Premium Events with the support of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Secretaria Municipal de Cultura, Angels of vision and Social action is an artistic and cultural meeting with the participation of 40 diversified exhibitors, artisans, and artists, who value the Brazilian cultural identity bringing innovation and focus on the new trends of the modern world and contemporary with their products and handicrafts.

On stage many attractions and surprises for audiences of all ages, especially children.

The "Greasy buffoons and Tico Sebosinho” – Father and son in the art of laugh inaugurate this Friday, 23/10, at 12:00. At 3:00 pm comes in the children's show "Wonderful Smile" commanded by Cia. The Lucianas Theater. In the early afternoon, at 4:00 pm happens the parade of clothes Flea Market Outreach, promoted by the NGO "Angels of view”. At 5:00 pm, who takes the stage is the singer Nadia Godoy and the saxophonist Richard Haudribk.

Cla Lila Theatre - Play Create -  Date Stories!. Photo: Disclosure.

Cla Lila Theatre – Play Create – Date Stories!. Photo: Disclosure.

At 6:30 pm singer Monique Elen, that began his career in music to 12 years takes the stage of Ziriguidum to show a bit of "Precious", title of your first CD. The repertoire is diverse and current with pop songs and popular, always with a touch of your personality. Who closes the shows on Friday, at 8:00 pm is the singer Patricia Alves bringing pearls of samba to joy of the audience with Ziriguidum.

Saturday is the time of storytellers, performances, gastronomy, all together and mixed on the same wavelength.

At noon, many African and Japanese stories will be told by Asaman artist of Maiandeua. In "Stories of other seas" the accountant uses fabric dolls, foldings and other props to create an enabling environment and contagious to children. A dip in the universe of stories with some proposals and curiosity as: find out why the cat and the mouse become enemies, meet a girl who loves to create stories or still live the adventures of a little samurai. 15h, presentation of the Circus "If this street were mine".

Who opens the shows in the afternoon is the beautiful singer and songwriter Gabi Temponi Has and band, às 17h. His repertoire of work songs copyright full of lyrics that express so only the force of his personality. It also features versions of songs contained on our MPB, having been acclaimed in all its presentations, whose public and critics recognize the talent of Gabi.

"Brasilidade & Jazz" the renowned drummer Fernando Pereira & guests. Photo: Disclosure.

“Brasilidade & Jazz” the acclaimed drummer Fernando Pereira & guests. Photo: Disclosure.

Following the Brazilian instrumental music show "Brazilian and Jazz"drummer consecrated Fernando Pereira & guests. The recipe is simple. A theme: the Brazil and its rhythmic elements; and a challenge: improvisation. This is the basis of the broth from the concert "Brazilian and Jazz" that the Quartet of Fernando Pereira will present, next Saturday, 24/10, at 18h, on the Square Largo do Machado. The Quartet is formed by musicians Fernando Pereira, on drums, Rodrigo Revelles, on sax and flute, Berval Mathur, on bass, Leandro Ash, on the Piano. The repertoire is diversified and travel around as rhythms-samba, the baião, the schottische and the bossa nova has the unprecedented "Waltz", composed by the drummer in partnership with bassist Bororó tribes, In addition to reinterpretations of classics such as "energy" and "A Tom Jobim", the late master Sivuca, "Gafieira cry", by Astor Silva, "Coffee with Bread", by João Donato, "Amazon River", Dori Caymmi, "Samba of the Plane", "Folly", "That look", by Tom Jobim, "I'm going to lie down and Roll", Baden Powell and Paulo César Pinheiro.

Ending the musical performances from Saturday and showing his Bossa Nova takes the stage, at 8:0 pm, the singer Yumi Park, a singer of Korean origin and Brazilian soul. His passion for music was from the beginning of his life. Living in a country like Brazil, full of musical riches, Yumi faced with the Bossa Nova and along with a twist in your personal life.

Show the singer Yumi Park and trio - Bossa Nova. Photo: Marcio Valva.

Show the singer Yumi Park and trio – Bossa Nova. Photo: Marcio Valva.

On Sunday, for joy of the children is the Cla Lila Theatre, play create and show "Date Stories”, at 12:00.

Heating up the afternoon of the last day of the Art with Ziriguidum comes into play at 5:00 pm the fanfare "Ogodô invite bikinis swimwear Odara”, a Brass band from Rio de Janeiro that mixes rock, Funk, pop, with traditional frevo, Samba, maracatu and a good dose of good humor. At 6:30 pm, the Instrumental Jazz Rogério Guimarães and trio and to 8:00 pm, terminating the activities of Ziriguidum, the singer takes the stage Thais Fraga and Trio in show "Bossa 'n' Jazz".


In its first edition, the Art with Ziriguidum has a profile and multimedia features 40 exhibitors, that will show to the public present from crafts to clothing, Accessories, decorative items, books, natural product, aesthetics, gastronomy, Perfumery, jewels, recycled and social action. According To Celia Zanon, Cultural producer responsible for Lanoz Premium Events, Organizer of the Project along with the AMAL-Association of residents and friends of orange trees, the objective of the project is to enhance business, position marks, generate jobs and income, launch news and trends. In addition, the project has a benefit and character in this edition the participants and audience can donate 1 kilo of non-perishable food or 1 can of powdered milk, for the 73 needy children, from 2 to 6 years of Community Nursery Santa Clara, in Alice Street, 308, Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro.

Advertising: Banner Luiz Carlos de Andrade Lima

In this year of commemoration of the 450 years of the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Art project with Ziriguidum intends to establish a new permanent space for the dissemination of the arts, culture and gastronomy of our city. "Art must manifest itself in every way possible so that the people feel the culture to leisure and entertainment", says Celia Zanon one of organizers. "Our target audience are residents of the districts and neighbourhoods with orange, Kids, young and old. We chose the Largo do Machado square due to its special location, for being quite busy with many bars, buildings, commercial galleries, subway and the parish church of S. of Glory. In addition, There's a big movement of residents and pedestrians of the Catete, Flamengo and orange trees, who can participate in this major exhibition promoted in Art with Ziriguidum on X Edition of art in Orange and Cosme Velho. I believe that in this way we will all be streamlining the public space with art, culture and leisure, during two weekends, After the month of children with options for all ages and all tastes, "says Celia.


Friday, 23/10

12h – Clown Greasy and Tico Sebosinho – father and son on the art of making you laugh
15h – Show "Wonderful Smile" – CLA The theatrical Lucianas
16h – Parade goodwill Solidarity "Angels of view
17h – Show the singer Nadia Godoy and saxophonist Richard Haudribk
18h30 – Show the singer Monique Elen
20h – Show the singer Patricia Alves
21h – Closure

Saturday, 24/10

12h – Stories of other seas "with Asaman of Maiandeua
15h – Presentation of the Circus "If this street were mine"
17h – MPB show with singer Gabi Temponi has and band
18h30 – Brasilidade & Jazz Fernando Pereira & guests
20h – Show the singer Yumi Park and trio – Bossa Nova
21h – Closure

Sunday, 25/10

12h – Cla Lila Theatre- Play Create – Date Stories!
17h – Fanfare "Ogodô Bikinis"
18h30 – Jazz & Rogério Guimarães and instrumental trio
20h – Thais Fraga and Trio in show "Bossa 'n' Jazz"
21h – Closure


Local: Largo do Machado square, from 23,24 and 25 October, from 11:00 to 9:00 pm. FREE!



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