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An artist the weight of gold miner, shielded in a Web of entrepreneurs and investors

Glauco Moraes. Foto: Barbara Raso.

Glauco Mathur. Photo: Barbara Raso.

Over 15 years of career as an artist and a great experience in curating of exhibitions and as art teacher. This is a part of the history of artist Glauco Mathur. Passionate for the arts, In addition to painter, He is a great collector and one of the main propagators of the plastic arts in the country.

This broad vision and believe in the artistic and cultural potential of Brazil, Glauco Mathur is always looking for ways to expand your horizons and explore new frontiers, who value both their art as that of Brazil. Like any true effort is always recognized, the artist has just signed an exclusive contract with a financial investor, I saw in the work of the artist a huge potential for recovery and investment.

The entrepreneur, who prefers anonymity, account that always admired the artist and had some works of his authorship. "Always caught my attention the wide spectrum of people who admired his works, pleasing multiple profiles, from children to adults, simple people to intellectuals and even ' art ' operators. However, the big change came when I realized the huge interest of several entrepreneurs by the work of Glaucus, not only by artistic appeal, but mainly by economic and financial investment vision in an artist in full evolution. That's how, supported by a group of investors, and with the approval of several Brazilian and foreign art critics that the artist became our main investment bet, with infinite perspective of recovery ".

"The goal of this partnership is to broaden the scope of my work, allowing my art go to various places and, also, allow me to experience only the artistic and creative side of my work, without thinking on the commercial and economic. With this, I'm living the most productive phase of my career, that is if the new screens that reflect I'm painting ", reveals Glauco Mathur.

In this step, are being prepared, for the next few months, exhibitions of the artist's works in major European centres and, yet, North America, they are markets in which several collectors have already demonstrated interest in acquiring screens. Later, the Asian market will be the next step in the internationalization of Glauco Mathur.

Currently, No artist is being marketed, the expectation that, After the second half of this year some works are available for sale to interested.

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Love the arts forever

With 17 year career, Glauco Matthews recalls that began to show the first artistic traces still in childhood, at the age of nine, When he started to draw. Autodidact (self taught), He switched the pencils for the brushes 16 years. "Being an artist was not a matter of choice. It was art that chose me ", says the artist.

With proven talent and a constant desire for learning, He has worked as a professor before graduating in fine arts at the Guignard school, Today UEMG. Specialist in contemporary art, along the career was working in various functions of artistic market, becoming expert as artist, curator, art critic, teacher and collector ' fierce ' authentic art, from various sources and references.

"Discovered" by historian and art critic Guiomar Lobato, the artist is considered by her one of the revelations of the Millennium. "I'm surprised by a whole Moraes Glauco varied, in referring to Edward Munch, Basquiat, Louise Borgeois, Mira Schendel, until the Pope higher of pop art, Andy Warhol ", Adds Morgan d, Visual Arts critic.

For Eugenio Fernandez, Restorer and researcher in the areas of conservation and restoration of historic buildings, Glauco Moraes's works are characterized by intrinsic human mystery, in particular women; the urban chaos and so many other issues inherent in our daily life, What are the major themes of his works. "The artist is nationally recognized by the strong style overflowing talent in each screen presented, I'm surprised everyone by his innate artistic ability that is renewed in each creation, making the assessment of their work a mixture of pleasure, recognition of contemporary art and discoveries of daring, creative and aesthetic features in its unparalleled and unique work ", says Eugene.

Ever the artist Yara Tupinambá reveals that "the mark of the graphic arts is the strongest feature of this digital artist, working especially with the human figure, probably the best way, to express his vision of the world ", ends.

Glauco puzzles

Glauco Moraes's works contain a puzzle. "It started in childhood, at the age of ten, When writing cryptic words and kept to myself the significance of that dialectic own. Is my signature in the works ", explains Glaucus.

To appreciate a work of the artist people will come across sentences written in an unknown language. Asked about what the letters and symbols, play art critic saying that the meaning is ' posthumous '. "Don't reveal to anyone what I mean with these symbols. Is a unique and personal dialect, that will be revealed only after my death ", concludes Glaucus.


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