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A part of France in your home: discover the provencal style

Artistic and decorative vintage style, the provençal adds romanticism and delicacy to the environments

The Provencal style is admirable: he adds delicacy, romanticism, the beauty of flowers, more rustic furniture and sweet tones. The origin of this style is, as the name suggests, in Provence, southern region of France, where the inhabitants have a country lifestyle, with lavender fields and surrounded by mountains.

This iconic style is not limited to a decorative style., he has also gone into art and sets himself up in an artistic style that says a lot about Provence.. The painters in their works bring the lights of the region, the characteristics of the flora and of all Provençal nature and also its inhabitants.

But where did the Provencal style (and still does) much success is in the decorations, where it flourishes all the romanticism and its vintage characteristics.

Provencal style

See some characteristic elements of French Provence style.


Pastel tones dominate the style, since they bring a delicate and vintage aspect. In addition, it is these tones that approach the light sunlight that timidly illuminates Provence, cold region and between mountains.

These tones also bring elegance and refinement., which are the face of the Provencal style. White is also widely used and can be applied to rooms through furniture., textiles and walls.


Spoke in Provencal style, spoke of flowers. They must not miss, and can be present in bedding prints and wallpapers, in the form of handles and furniture or even in its natural state: flowers arranged in vases in any environment.


Prints such as stripes and Toile de Jouy can be present in wallpapers, decorative items and in the textile part of the decoration. They are delicate and add a lot of style..

mirrors, chandeliers and more

The refinement is something that cannot be missing, and the mirroring in the environments brings this sophistication. Therefore, mirrors and chandeliers are welcome, because they refer to palaces and make the room clearer and brighter, which is great for referring to the country and solar style. In this decoration, for even more light, it is common to add a light floor, as a porcelain floor or other elegant coating.


In the textile part of the decoration, linen and cotton fabrics dominate the scene. This is because they are fine fabrics that refer to the country style.. They can be present in bedding, for example.

Wooden furniture

The rusticity of the countryside is crafted in Provencal style.. For this, the furniture present can be vintage, bringing the old look to the environment. Some classic furniture that cannot be missing are: dressing tables and bedside tables, in rooms, and glass cases and coffee tables, in rooms, for example.

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