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Combining aesthetics and functionality: tips for incorporating coatings into decoration

with different models, This type of material is on the rise in many home options.

A house has the personality of the residents who live in it.. And people are always looking to make the environments more suitable to the tastes they have and to the decor and design trends.


Anyone planning to decorate a property is always on the lookout for what's trending at the moment., and, currently, some items such as coatings are changing the look of many homes.

The coatings came to give a different look to the decorations of environments, and they can be present in different rooms, with the model suited to the needs of that space.


With different styles and formats, this product inserted in the decoration can help to highlight, decrease or increase the environment, depending on how it is placed.

The aesthetic functions of coatings today can even be included in conjunction with the architectural design of a place. And they are present on walls or even on the floor, with different effects and designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, that further develop the creativity of designers or architects.


Many questions can arise when integrating these types of materials into the rooms of a house or apartment.. Therefore, we have selected some types of cladding that work best in certain places and that can help highlight different spaces with innovation.

Burnt cement

This is a trend that has been taking over many spaces for a few years now.. The burnt cement effect combines with an industrial design and can be combined in living rooms., rooms or even outside.

The idea is to look more stripped and rustic concept, as if it were "smeared", and it is made from the cement mixture, sand and water, based on mortar.


Porcelain tile brings a cleaner idea, depending on the style and design chosen. It is a very resistant option because it has a technology that absorbs less water and is less porous..

Today there are some types of finishes that can be chosen according to the design that the owner wants., and some of them are: natural, polished, satin and external.


Widely used in kitchens and bathrooms, the inserts are plates smaller than tiles and give a highlight on the walls. An important point is that this type of coating is ideal for more humid places., due to higher durability.

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The market for this type of material currently manufactures in different colors and even in smaller versions than those commonly used..

wooden slats

Anyone looking for a new home can even access a real state consulting and describe the house you dream of having, including the possibility of opting for a more cozy style. Wooden slats fit this model well, as they bring a touch of nature to the decoration and can be used in different formats for panels in living rooms or bedrooms.

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