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Urban Jungle: discover this new decoration concept

The Urban Jungle is a decoration concept that is growing more and more within this segment. As much as many people still don't know that it is about this term, most must have seen this type of decoration somewhere.

In the last times, the world of decoration has completely changed, be the corporate decoration, facing the offices, and even the decoration of houses and apartments.

For a long time, decoration was seen as something banal and futile., but fortunately in recent years we have been introduced to new concepts and studies that prove how a well-decorated environment can make all the difference in a space..

As well as having a good vinyl floor store helps you when making a safe purchase, Knowing which style of decoration to apply in your home also makes all the difference in your environment.

When we invest in the decoration of our home, we invest in the construction of a space that will send a message to the people who enter there, be it a message of joy and excitement or rest and calm.

For example, if you enter a space where the walls are brightly colored and the furniture is all colorful, you will feel a different feeling than if you were in a space where the walls are all white and the furniture is black, for example.

This is a simple example to show you how decoration is extremely important within any space and how it helps to build a comfortable environment., cozy or whatever feeling you want to convey through it.

Of course, having a good construction management, just like an architect or interior designer, will make the whole process even simpler., smooth and optimized for you.

In the last times, many people began to embrace causes that defended the environment and nature, After all, it's not news to anyone that the world is slowly dying, and we, Humans, we are responsible for that too.

Thus, many began to be more concerned with the way they consume and produce, as well as its relationships with nature. There is no denying that being in touch with her brings unique peace and tranquility to the soul and heart..

It's almost impossible to be on the beach, in a waterfall, on a trail, in a camp or even in a forest and not feel the inexplicable energy that nature offers for everyone, It's something unique and that leaves you wanting more.

Therefore, many people started investing in building sustainable houses with the aim of making their homes a space of care for the environment and even an environment of relaxation and comfort., just as nature offers.

However, not all people have the financial means to invest in a home 100% sustainable, but it is possible to do this through decoration and in a much more economical and practical way.

And it is precisely within this context that urban jungle comes in., and today we will know more about this concept of decoration, your importance, main features and practical tips to implement it inside your home.

Understand what urban jungle is

Urban Jungle, when translated into literal portuguese, means urban forest, the concept encompasses the use of decorative items and objects that make the environment look like a forest inside the house.

count on a construction management company in that case it makes all the difference, That's because they are experts to help you understand more about the subject and indicate the best materials and spaces to apply this concept in your home..

Have you ever seen a place where the wall was made of artificial leaves or around the environment there were species of branches, Trees, flowers, plants and various items that referred to nature and made the place look like a forest.

Well, this is urban jungle, a decoration concept that makes the environment look like a forest, and that's done 100% through decoration items and materials and finishes that bring this result.

Many invest in this concept because it brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the place., just as contact with nature brings, in addition to leaving it more airy and with a feeling of cleanliness and organization.

There are several sites on the internet where you can get both a marble cement price how much specific articles of this concept to leave your home, apartment or office this way.

Main features of urban jungle

O urban jungle, as well as several other decoration concepts, bring some unique characteristics of this concept and that need to be well understood by those who want to bet on this style of decoration for their home.

The first and perhaps most prevalent of these is the green environment., that is, urban jungle is a concept that strongly advocates the construction of an environment with plenty of green, either through plants or decoration colors.

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That's because green refers to nature, tree leaves and a forest. The green color, in addition to bringing a sense of hope and modernity to the environment, also makes all the difference within this concept.

Sustainable causes are also key features of urban jungle, because the concept defends the raising of flags of houses that aim to help the environment and nature to be more protected and healthy.

Just as it is possible to count on a good service of glazing of balconies with glass through the Internet, it is possible to know several causes embraced around Brazil and the world so that the concept is not only in your home, but also in your life.

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Finally, but no less important, urban jungle is also a concept whose main characteristics are economy and naturalness, this because, to bet on this decoration concept, You don't have to be rich or spend lots of money to do that..

And this is where naturalness also comes in.: the concept advocates a decoration made with natural items and that you can find for free in nature or for a low price in decoration stores, bringing more naturalness to the environment.

The concept brings with it the idea of ​​building a more rustic environment, that goes back to ancient times, even medieval, for those who like, making your home a natural space, beautiful and with very little investment for it.

These are the main features of urban jungle, and you can understand even more about it with a white cement supplier, that can even recommend the best ones for your home..

Tips for implementing urban jungle in your home

To end, we have selected some very simple tips to help you implement the concept of urban jungle inside your home in a practical and accessible way. Check:

bet on plants

There is no way to talk about nature and forest without thinking about plants, who are the great darlings of many Brazilians, who are not happy without their plants to be cared for on a daily basis. The most common and recommended for indoors are:

  • bracken;
  • Saint George's Sword;
  • Peace lily;
  • sunflowers;
  • cacti;
  • orchids.

The plants, in addition to composing the environment and entering the concept of urban jungle, can even help in the treatment of physical and mental illnesses, releasing feelings of peace, love and happiness inside your home.

Follow the color palette

Colors are also essential elements of any decor., so count on a led light supplier of your trust helps you to have quality luminaires that fit within the color palette of this decoration concept.

When we talk about lights, you can invest in the more yellow lights, that bring the feeling of a comfortable and cozy environment, encouraging rest. already in the furniture, you can invest in earth tones, ranging from brown to moss green.

Use wooden furniture

Finally, but no less important, wooden furniture is also essential for those who want a more rustic environment that follows the concept of urban jungle, after all wood is one of the main materials provided by nature.

You can use it from a chair to a coffee table and I hope it has its wooden surroundings, simple decoration items already make all the difference when they are chosen in the option of wood.

These are just some of the many ideas you can bet on to apply the concept of urban jungle inside your home.. On the internet and with subject matter experts you can access several other ideas.

Final Considerations

That way you can use urban jungle not just as a decoration concept, but as a way of life to embrace important causes and leave your home the way you always dreamed of..

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