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Valda Nogueira, photography. Disclosure.

The Studio Gallery Opens Port

between the spirits and the fish

Exhibition of photographs of Valda Nogueira
Day 10 November, 19h
Open to the public

The Studio Gallery is closed the year of 2017 presenting the exhibition Porto, with 17 photographs of the artist Valda Nogueira and curated by Daniella Géo. The Studio Gallery is located at Avenida Pasteur, 453 Urca (2541 3314).

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About the exhibition, the artist tells us that "is a photographic project about the place where I grew up – Sepetiba, in the West zone of Rio de Janeiro, a small fishing community, with a fairly prosperous past, It is now in advanced environmental degradation process, which led the region to years of ostracism ", comments on the artist.

With this work, Valda Nogueira, Returns to the place where it grew to recognize the territory with all its peculiarities – the spirituality, the fish, the old, women, the nature – creating a list whose elements draw a narrative and poetic at the same time committed to the construction of a memory.

Knowing that the link with the past (ancestry) is identity formation, She believes that in this project the opportunity to strengthen this identity, contributes to a narrative about a region different from the dominant narrative, always told from the perspective of violence and abandonment.

Valda Nogueira

Acts in humanistic documentary photography. Currently studying Visual Arts at UERJ. People, territories and culture are the central themes in your projects.

Graduated from the School of popular Photographers slum Observatóro.

Daniella Géo

Independent curator and critic. Resides in Antwerp, Belgium. PhD in Studies on 4e Biennale of Lubumbasshi, RD Congo (2015).

He was co-curator of the Biennale Internationale de la Photographie et des Arts Visuels de Liège. His books include retrospectives Charif Benhelima: Polariods 1998-2012, Kribhco, MON, Curitiba and Roger Ballen: Transfigurações, photographs 1968-2012, MAM-Rio, MOM River and MAC-USP.


The Studio Gallery Opens "port" – Exhibition 17 photographs of Valda Nogueira
Opening Day 10 November, 19h / Open to the public
Visitation: until 13 January 2018
Time: 2a to 6a fairs of 10:00 at 9:00 pm; Saturdays from 10:00 to 5:00 pm
Free/Censura free
Ateliê Espaço Cultural image

Pasteur Avenue 453, Urca tels: 2541 3314


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