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Virtual block, 2018. Photography: Micael Hocherman.

Bianca Boeckel Gallery presents exhibition uniting art, carnival and virtual reality

Art and carnival street art gallery

Inspired by the recent trends in international contemporary art, the gallery owner Bianca Boeckel launches exhibition that unites art and virtual reality. To give the Brazilian spice, the show's theme is our warmest scene – the Carnival.

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The group exhibition "Call block" opens on day 08 February brings 20 photographs of 6 artists, curated by Francisco Almendra. According to the curator of a new generation of photographers began tracking the movement in the streets “Their starting points vary: informally about recording the revelry with friends, or doing photography the central axis of their own individual characters, costumes; others bringing a photojournalistic look at the scene that took shape and asked to be immortalized.”

intimate portraits explore the joy and individual expression within the crowd. The body the gentle body of revelers is registered with the sweat batteries. care Scenes, love and care between strangers are immortalized in the whirlwind of the procession. The United rapture to an inner peace is revealed repeatedly to the lenses in the chaos euphoric colored glitter.

Virtual reality technology comes into play as a sensory experience activation. visitors, by placing the glasses, transport to another reality – enter one of the traditional blocks of Rio's Carnival, only, virtual, and with an unusual proposal. “Block calls” It presents a challenge: it takes dancing to call the block, otherwise the viewer remains alone on the island of Paqueta. The desire to see the party of course requires a commitment to expose, just as the members of the blocks do every year with their playful banter. This invitation-challenge encourages us to face our own fears: exposure to unknown, the fear of not knowing how to dance, the judgment of those who observe us from outside, the fear of surrendering without guarantees. These are the same issues faced - and overcome - for all who are part of the alternative Carnival.

For the curator, the spirit of Carnival runs through our bodies while we feel united with those who advocate this same spirit the city streets “Imbued with this learning, We took the glasses with a new perspective on our looks.” diz Francisco Almendra.

Exhibition “Block calls”
Opening and party : 08 February, from 16h to 20h
On display : from 10 of February to 10 March
Timetables : From Thursday to Saturday from 12h to 18h. Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment via email – contato@biancaboeckelgaleria.com
Address : Bianca Boeckel Galeria
Rua Domingos Leme, 73 – Vila Nova Conceição – São Paulo


About Bianca Boeckel Gallery

Located in the central park area, a Bianca Boeckel Galeria, Photo old Vilanova, promotes established and rising artists in the national and international scene.

In 2019 celebrates 6 years of foundation and 29 exhibitions, highlighting the individual Camila Alvite, Rodrigo Edelstein, Claudio Pepper, they Verz, Virgilio Neves, Thomas Baccaro, Katia Wille, Nelson Porto, Jorge Feitosa, Lauren Shapiro, Divine Seabra e Gabi Gelli.

The gallery caters to a demanding audience in search of new developments in photography, painting, videoart, sculptures and various media. Intense research and ensure thorough curated shows with a variety of conceptually meaningful art and visually stimulating. In addition to the exhibitions and courses organized by the gallery, an eclectic and constantly renewing collection allow collectors appreciate quality work and to experience the latest local and international trends.

Starting his career in art fairs in SP-Arte / Foto 2018, It was highlighted by curators and critics in the media specialized in their choice of artists and selection of innovative works of art.

In April 2020 Gallery holds its second participation in SP-Arte.

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