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NFT House holds immersive exhibition at FUNARTE, by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Alley that you were born in the shade
of convent walls,
You are like the life that is holy
In spite of all you remain.
That's why I loved you constantly
And I sing to tell you
goodbye to never again!
(BANDEIRA, 2008, p. 108)

Urban landscapes filled with ash loom large, advance in plain sight. The constructions inside the great metropolis rise and drag the time. What was once beautiful in the big city exchanges and innovates. The walls leave part of history, of the intimacy of a coexistence. lively dinners, relaxed meetings, informal conversations and only waking up remains in the form of a story. And all that's left are the memories that only walls can tell. And why not turn walls into art, bringing a new interpretation to what's left of a story.

with that thought, the Immersive Exhibition at Funarte. The works were painted by 70 artists on the walls of an abandoned mansion in the Morumbi neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo. the mansion of 2400 meters was demolished, but the works were left to the Art History, saved in 130 digital files. Artists, muralists and graffiti artists accepted the challenge proposed by entrepreneurs Alexandre Travassos and Rodrigo Loli, Muzer partners. Gamboa construction company allowed the idea to materialize and, from 12 August, the FUNARTE São Paulo galleries will be with the exhibition of paintings.

The scanned files will be displayed in their application possibilities, with varied materials in an immersive room of 320 meters2, with projections contrasting with pieces of demolition.  

Creativity was up to each artist, as is the case with the work of artist Betto Damasceno. His expressive work conveys the impression that people are equal, when the mask covers your features (Fig. 1). The rush and the urban are present in his work, with random words and characters from a big city (Fig. 4).

The main purpose of the event is to open a questioning about new technologies and their ways of use as artistic material. The exhibition will open on the day 11 to 18 hours and will be open to the public of the day 12 august to 18 September.

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NFT House Artists

Ale Fractal, Amazon, Andre Mogle, Anna Silveira, Anne Galante, Assis, Barbara Goy, Betto Damasceno, Binho Ribeiro, Cards, Carmão, Ceará, celium, boy fonseca, Clara Leff, Bullfinch, Dexuave, Dino, Dom Graffiti, dudadir, ectoplasm, EDMX, I see you, Evol, Fabiano Apce, Feik Frasao, Feion, Ferdinand RV, Filite, Drop.a, Hannah Nader, Go, Unknown, IMAGE, Jah no control, Jimmy, Lady Brown, Lari Umeri, Laura Rice, Leandro Cinico, M.I.A, Mariana Pavanelli, Mazola Marcnou, Mes3, Micah, Mura, Not Viptk, Obrene, Oxil, Pack Toledo, Paul Bruno, Pests VN, Quino, Racial, Rene Muniz, RHAY, Rodrigo Queiroga, Rotka, Snek, Sol1, Suzue, TEF Cobalt, Urban Web, Vinicius Caps, Vinicius Meio, Vismoart, Vitones, William Pimentel, xGuix, Bob Fonseca, Diogo Terra.

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About Funarte

Located in the Campos Elíseos neighborhood, the Funarte SP Cultural Complex is a space open to the public, with diverse activities and intense artistic programming. It's also a place of memory, that keeps fragments of the history of education, Sao Paulo culture and arts.

The exhibition takes place in the galleries located in the Lulu Librandi sheds, central part of the complex.

Local: Funarte SP Cultural Complex – Alameda Nothmann, 1058 – Elysian Fields


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