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Exhibition "Contemporary Archeology" at the Cultural Center Stage-FMP. Photo: Disclosure.

Claudio Parts inaugurates exhibition "Contemporary Archeology" at the Cultural Center Stage-FMP

Public will see the fruit of more than a month of artistic intervention

Claudio Partes. Foto: Divulgação.

Claudio Partes. Photo: Disclosure.

From day 30 April, Petropolis may attend more cultural show. “Contemporary Archaeology” present at the Cultural Center Stage-FMP, in mountainous city. Her, the public will have the opportunity to see the work of artist Claudio Parts completed, marking the end of more than a month of artistic intervention, When presenting, now, the art in the form of exhibition. The story is the work of artist, through traces of ancient views that have been through the space, reflects on the importance of concepts such as memory and conservation. Admission is free and the exposure to 14/05.

It is through what's left in the panels and walls that Claudio returns little by little the past exhibitions. This intervention has generated a work of restoration of paintings, in a process known as pictorial prospecting, in restoring a work through the identification of paint layers, without giving up to preserve its aesthetic value.

"It was a very rich and stimulating experience, full of unforeseen construction, reflections directly related to the proposal and other opening new fronts and issues. I hope to transpose to the book and memory of the event ", explains Claudio on the last phase of work.

Claudio Partes. Foto: Divulgação.

Claudio Partes. Photo: Disclosure.

During the show, the public will reflect on points raised in the artistic reconstruction and its unfolding in the present day, during visits to the space, its dimensions and expressions. In each Corridor, It will be possible to observe on the walls fragments of various views held in the FMP over the last nine years.

"For those who have been through some of the exhibitions held over the last few years, I believe that the opportunity is a trip back in time. For those who have not experienced these stories, I think that will wake up the most diverse experiences and associations from the own memories. I believe that go to places experienced the analogies that worked environments cause by their colors, forms and interventions ", reflects Claudio.

Claudio Partes. Foto: Divulgação.

Claudio Partes. Photo: Disclosure.

Apart from exposure, at the opening, the artist and guests talk about the process and issues such as: art, intervention, space, time, memory, preservation, rescue and records. Among the confirmed participants are the historian Joaquim Eloy dos Santos, the project coordinator and extension of Phase-FMP Ricardo Tammela, Erick photographers Simon and Anita Sethi, the cameraman Gregori Bastos, the visual artist Rodrigo and notable graffiti by CB and the writer and publicist Daniel Pandeló Corrêa.

Claudio Parts acts as a visual artist and designer for more than 25 years. His work explores the most experimentation, where the lightness and the search for the essential are some of the most striking features of his work. In 2014, the artist won, in conjunction with the Cultural Center Stage, the Maestro award-culture Fish War by the exhibition "Brazil-Portugal".

The Cultural Centre Stage-FMP is located in the Centre of Petrópolis, Barão do Rio Branco Avenue, 1003. The event is open to all ages.

Exhibition "Contemporary Archeology"
Date: 30/04 to 14/05
Opening hours: 15h
Visiting hours: from Monday to Friday, das 9h às 21h, and on Saturdays from 9:00 to 6:00 pm (closed on Sundays and public holidays)
Local: Cultural Centre Stage (FMP) -Av. Baron of Rio Branco, 1003 -Petrópolis/RJ
Entrance: Free

Rating: Free

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