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Colectivo Entreartes honors modernists with “Alma Tarsila”

Exhibition at the Leila Diniz Culture Room brings together six artists in Niterói, no RJ

in this women's month, ENTREARTES – Art Collective prepares a exhibition in homage to the modernist artist Tarsila do Amaral. “Alma Tarsila” will open, the Leila Diniz Culture Room, in downtown Niteroi, on 7 April, to celebrate Brazilianness and the ideas that the Semana de Arte Moderna defended a hundred years ago. For the project, ENTREARTES brought together Maria Lucia Maluf, Renata Barreto, Lucia Lyra, Fatima Dantas, Bia Torres and Mario Reis, inspired by the atmosphere of the artistic movement, valuing shapes and colors of our culture. Visitation goes to 9 of June.

“We propose a meeting between the work of the invited artists and that of Tarsila, not by the bias of copying or rereading, but rather by the tangencies between the group's production and the modernists. With visits to each artist's studio, through the mediation of curatorship, we set up an exhibition that pays homage not only to the centenary of the Week of Modern Art, as well as the Brazilian modern movement as a whole, due to its importance for the cultural scene of the country”, explains curator Ana Schieck.

“Alma Tarsila” materializes the 13th edition of ENTREARTES, collective created by the production company Cacau Dias and which has been promoting artists from the city for four years with exhibitions in cultural spaces in Niterói. "This time, we have the happy coincidence of honoring Tarsila in the room that reminds us of the Niteroi-born actress Leila Diniz. They are two beautiful examples of the power of Brazilian women”, emphasizes Cacau Dias, which also highlights the female presence in the team selected for the press conference.

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Engraver and painter Maria Lucia Maluf has lived in Niterói since 1955, where he attended the Ingá Engraving Workshop, and brings to the show a series of weathervanes on canvas. Architect Renata Barreto designs the colors through maxi-embroideries on creative supports. Graduated in Arts, fashion and education, Lucia Lyra will exhibit the geometry of nature in waves and curves.

psychologist by training, Fátima Dantas unveils “Alma Tarsila” with abstract paintings and a visit to her own childhood memories. Bia Torres, on the other hand, focus on the colors of the earth, showing the strength of a solar Brazil. Landscape painting master, the veteran Mario Reis completes the team with compositions that unite elements of nature and the abstract.

“Tarsila is inspiring and deserves all our tributes. She sought to represent the things of our land, your shapes and your soul, valuing through painting the landscapes of the interior, the redneck colors and the working people, in the countryside and in the cities. It still represents the most significant thing we produce, within the modern Brazilian spirit”, diz Ana Schieck.


Exhibition: “Soul Tarsila”, by ENTREARTES – Art Collective

Curated By: Ana Schieck

Participating artists: Maria Lucia Mackin, Renata Barreto, Lucia Lyra, Fatima Dantas, Bia Torres and Mario Reis.

Visitation: from 8 April to 9 June 2022

Time: from Monday to Friday, from 8:0 to 5:0 pm

Local: Culture room Leila Diniz

Address: Rua Heitor Carrilho, 81, Niteroi Center, RJ

Free entry

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