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The work of Paulo Bruscky. Photo: Disclosure.

With questions about art PROJECT [I'M HERE] opens new exhibition at Sesc Belenzinho

Composed of four exhibitions, the shows I'm Here converges the questions and thoughts gathered in previous steps of the project, in order to emphasize the many forms of relationship between audience and artwork. One of the highlights of the show is a unprecedented set of artist Pernambuco Paulo Bruscky

Launched in July 2015, the PROJECT [I'M HERE] Paulo curated Miyada, raised several questions about contemporary art. After the exhibitions Potlatch: Art exchanges, that started empty and developed through exchanges between the public and the curatorial team, and Always Something Between Us, which brought together contemporary artists with works that emphasize the relationship between works and public, the project reaches its final stage. The exhibition I'm Here, It opens to the public on the day 30 November, in Sesc Belenzinho, tests hypotheses about the art, your agents, constituent processes and the relationship with the place and the audiences of the unit.

Divided into four cores, the exhibition I'm Here combines, provocative in tone, exhibitions, workshops and educational projects, in that public, artists, mediators and curators wonder on pre-established concepts, promoting exchanges of information and experiences.

The first presents a set of unpublished works by Paulo Bruscky call Artists appropriate findings and, in that displays objects found at fairs, deposits and dumps and which refer to the work of Brazilian artists as Volpi, Hélio Oiticica and Sérgio Camargo. The second core, ZL, will consist of works by artists that have this region of São Paulo as context, guests from the research that began with the stay of the Trustees in Potlatch. Already the third core is the result of the workshop Redone, coordinated by Peter France in that exercise the refatura conceptual works of decades of 1960 and 1970 and, Finally, the core room, Public Bulletin, experimental initiative which registers all mediation processes project, In addition to researching key questions to the current mediation debate and contemporary art education.

For the curator Paulo Miyada, "The exhibition I'm Here is the point of arrival, in which local production, drawing exercises, collaborative processes and dialogues happen with all the complexity that contemporary art can promote when directly aimed at this end ". On the relationship with the place, continues: "Instead of starting with the election of works and issues of interest peculiar and figure out how to show them the particular public, the entire project is intended to respond directly to the particularities of the various profiles of visitors and communities across this space, seeking to implicate them for open notions of what is art today ".

Obra de Paulo Bruscky. Foto: Divulgação.

The work of Paulo Bruscky. Photo: Disclosure.

Paulo Bruscky

The artist presents reef in shows Artists appropriate findings and a set of unpublished works. For years, Paulo Bruscky collected objects he found in fairs, deposits and dumps and that reminded some directly contemporary artist: a rug which refers to paintings by Volpi, an embroidered quilt that causes the memory of Bishop of Rosario, remains of wood that are organized as sculptures by Sérgio Camargo. The meeting of these objects will result in an unusual collection of major works of art history that is, at the same time, an intriguing shows of Paulo Bruscky. "Spotlight on Brazil and other countries, the work of Paul gives us a double vision always with humor and having the backdrop of everyday life ", Miyada account.

East Zone

During the stage of Potlatch There was a mapping of part of artistic production in the neighborhoods of the East zone of São Paulo. After a supplementary search and some dates in workshops and production spaces of these artists, the curators invited seven artists to exhibit their works. The invited artists are: Caio Carpinelli, Kim Chan, Moses Patrician, Peter Seman, Renato Almeida, Rafael Calixto and Vitor Oliveira. Are artists of varied languages and profiles, they have in common the attention to processes, cultures, materials and symbols of urban space.

"The idea of this is to show contemporary art core shifted the Center expanded the city of São Paulo and make a connection with the entire city of Sao Paulo", account curator.

Obra de Paulo Bruscky. Foto: Divulgação.

The work of Paulo Bruscky. Photo: Disclosure.


Result of a workshop coordinated by Peter France, the shows Redone features refatura exercises of fundamental works of minimalism, of conceptual art and arte povera of years 1960 and 1970, in Brazil, in Europe and the United States. The objective of the workshop was to discuss the history of contemporary art works bearing in its conception the possibility of being rebuilt, reworking your processes to redo them (without necessarily imitating its final form) as Paul warns Miyada: "They're not reading, not copies or imitations ".

Public Bulletin

In addition to the three cores, the exhibition I'm Here will feature a space dedicated to educational, organized in the experimental project of mediation Public Bulletin, with cocuradoria of Valkyrie Prates. Having as its main focus the processes and discussions discussed and practiced in previous exhibitions, mediators will act in the spaces of the Sesc Belenzinho – not just arguing about the works, but producing provocations, reflections, research and ratings on and with the works, the public and its relationship with each display module.

As part of the exhibition space, There will be a room that will serve as the synthesis of all the research and discussion promoted by the project, and also of what mediators produce and gather during the exhibition.

For script

EXHIBITION I'M HERE -Opening day 30 November, on wednesday, to 20 hours, in Sesc Belenzinho. Curated By -Paul Miyada. SCHEDvisiting Rivertion -from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 at 9:00 pm and Sunday and holiday of 11:00 at 7:30 pm. FREE. Free to all audiences. By 26 February 2017.

SESC BELENZINHO -Rua Padre Adelino, 1000 -Belenzinho (around Belém station of subway). Telefone – (11) 2076-9700. Access for disabled people. SCHEDthe Sesc Belenzinho River -From Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 at 9:30 pm and Saturday, Sunday and holiday of 9:00 at 7:30 pm Parking lot – R$ 10,00 the first hour and R$ 2,50 for additional time and R$ 4,50 the first hour and R$ 1,50 for additional time (full credential).

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