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Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.
Museum of tomorrow. Photo: Bernard Lessa.

World Environment Day will have a chat with Sebastião Salgado and Rosiska Darcy and live with Lenine

  • World Environment Day is biodiversity theme. Activities take place virtually due to COVID-19
  • On 4, to 16 hours, a live Nature Time: Reflections on Tomorrow will have chat between Rosiska Darcy and Sebastião Salgado with Fábio Scarano
  • On 5, to 17 hours, Musical Chat with Lenine will mark World Environment Day

Rio de Janeiro, 1 June 2020 – This year, World Environment Day, in 5 of June, symbolizes the opportunity to rethink our relationship with nature. With this goal, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) joins the Museum of Tomorrow to promote two virtual events full of ideas, exchanges and inspirations in the days 4 and 5 of June.

The chat “Nature Time: reflections on tomorrow will bring together Rosiska Darcy, Sebastião Salgado and Fábio Scarano for a high level conversation about the environment, human being and the possible futures that we want to build. A live will be broadcast on YouTube from the two organizations on Thursday (4), to 16 hours. On Friday (5), to open or end of the week, singer and environmental activist Lenine will play the classics of his career from the 17 hours. In an intimate atmosphere, Lenine will mix songs and conversations with the curator of the Museum of Tomorrow, Luiz Alberto Oliveira, addressing issues such as the importance of Art & Science in times of coronavirus, and the possible relationship, him though, of musical creation and orchid creation.

In a context of a global pandemic, that reaffirmed the interdependence between human health and planet health, and having almost a million endangered species, it's time to reflect on what brought us here and to act for nature, defends the UNEP Representative, Denise Hamú. “We are experiencing an unprecedented crisis, in all dimensions. We have to do it differently as individuals and do much more as societies. Recent phenomena have alerted us to the profound interdependence of all beings in the web of life. We, humans, we suffer more and more directly the consequences of habitat destruction, that cross physical and political boundaries, for example. Nature is sending us a message. Therefore, on this World Environment Day, UNEP invites each person to restart their relationship with nature and reflect on how we can, as individuals and as a society, rebuild a different world in the post-pandemic ”, reflects Hamú.

For Ricardo Piquet, IDG CEO, institute that manages the Museum of Tomorrow, the way humanity has advanced on natural resources is one of the causes for the emergence of this new pandemic. “This crisis has brought us many challenges and one of them is to reinforce the importance of taking action to avoid the consequences of climate change on the planet. Therefore, we must reflect on how we are dealing with the environment and take the opportunity to transform the way we live, to consume and start respecting the limits of nature ”, defends Piquet.

Self-taught botanist, orchid collector (or “orchid”, as you prefer) and committed supporter of socioenvironmental groups, Lenine says that she turned music into an awareness tool for causes that she defends. “My making music has always been linked to the desire to be a reporter of my time. The issues that move me and bother me have always been the subject of what I compose and sing. The environment has always been present in my attention. ”

World Environment Day is the United Nations' main date to boost awareness and encourage action around the planet for environmental protection, encouraging governments, companies, organizations and individuals to focus their efforts on a pressing environmental issue. In 2020, the theme is biodiversity and Colombia, in partnership with Germany, is the host country. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all programming will be carried out virtually. To find out more, access the World Environment Day website 2020 here.

What: “Time for Nature: reflections on tomorrow ”- chat with Sebastião Salgado, Rosyska Darcy and moderation by Fábio Scarano.
Where: YouTube of the Museum of Tomorrow and UNEP
When: 4 of June
Time: 16:00
What: Lenin Musical Chat
Where: You Tube from Museum of Tomorrow and UNEP
When: 5 of June
Time: 17:00


About UNEP

UNEP is the leading global voice on environmental issues. It promotes leadership and encourages partnerships to care for the environment, inspiring, informing and enabling nations and people to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

Access the UNEP website here.

About the Museum of tomorrow

The Museum of Tomorrow is a museum of applied sciences that explores the opportunities and challenges that humanity will have to face in the coming decades from the perspectives of sustainability and coexistence. Opened in December 2015 by the City Hall of Rio, the Museum of Tomorrow is a cultural equipment of the Municipal Secretary of Culture, operating under the management of the Institute for Development and Management (IDG). successful example of partnership between government and the private sector, Tomorrow Museum has received over 4 million visitors since opening. With Banco Santander as its main sponsor, Shell as sponsor and a wide network of sponsors that includes companies like IBM, Engie, American stores, Grupo Globo and Renner, the museum was originally designed by the Roberto Marinho Foundation.

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