Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.
Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

It may be that the best days of our childhood are printed on a sheet of paper. colored; with worked risks; just scribbled; in the form of stories told, of fables, of tales, or in charming poetry. Paper has always been enchanted by its textures, by the way you receive the pencil, the pen, or how does he receive the watchful eye of reading. And thoughts also flow through the curious role of deciphering them, almost like a great friend. In it are sheltered the secrets and the most intimate confessions. And there is still the field of ideas that pass through the blank sheet, in sketch form, draft and project. That's how the artist and curator Rita Caruzzo, in 2018 created the project Dialogues Paper.

The idea that came true, it would initially be just to use papers and techniques on the handmade papers of Moinho Brasil. Two years later, the group grew, with several performances in exhibitions and acting in the field of Art.

The artists' raw material was the paper produced by mill Brazil, made from agricultural residues and recycled industrial shavings, what binds the group, above all, to environmental issues. Talking about roles, the artists traced the paths of their work, allowing art to emerge, each with a form of expression.


And Moinho Brasil is selecting 25 artists to recycle Art, talking on paper. will be altogether 30 participants, with 25 selected new members and more 5 guests. The 25 artists selected by the Moinho Brasil commission, will receive the papers for the specific technique of each artist. Enter group attributes, the main one is to raise questions about sustainability, use of craft paper and its relevance to art.

Registration started in 01/06/2021 and end at 23:59 on the day 31/07/2021, Brasilia time, throughout the national territory. To participate, interested parties must submit the application electronically. (e-mail), until the closing date.

It will be necessary to send:

– Two high resolution photos (300 dpi) of works on any paper, there is no need to be about the role of Moinho Brasil. Low resolution and difficult to view images will not be accepted.

– A brief description of the technique used.

– Social media link to appreciate the artistic trajectory.

– The requested material must be sent to the email:

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Selection – PHASE 01

Moinho Brasil's judging committee, will select the works sent by email and will contact the selected artists via email.

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They will be selected 40 artists in this first phase.

The result will be announced on 31 August (by email)


The list of artists will be published on the Moinho Brasil website on the day 01/11/2021.

Curated By: Rita Caruzzo


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