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Group exhibition "beyond the cube cube" of the Group Ten cubed. Photo: Disclosure.

Collective Exhibition “In addition to cube the cube” the Group Ten cubed

A “Group Ten cubed” arrives in your eleventh edition bringing together this time 45 artists who work in different languages and whose proposal aims to explore and reflect issues of geometrical figure of the cube. “Ten cubed” had your origin in social networks amid raging debate about copyrights in the cube, Since then comes bringing together artists who accept the challenge to explore the cube as the axis of investigation in their creative processes.

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“Ten cubed” is a group that aims to extend this debate taking their artistic productions to different exhibition spaces inside and outside the country, always adding new artists who are invited to show what each has to say about the regular hexahedron. The exhibition al hubism cube will show the result of these investigations in the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Arts Center. The opening is scheduled for the next day 21 September, to 18 h, and will be open to the public 22 September to 28 October 2017, with visitation of 9 to 20 h. .

Centro de Artes Calouste Gulbenkian. Foto: Divulgação.

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Arts Center. Photo: Disclosure.

Participating artists:

Arvellos Ilcio, Adriana Tabalipa, Claudia Dowek, Claudia Simões, Cris Cabus, Tchello d & #8217; Barros, Paulo Mendes Would, Lesly Dushyant, George Oliveira, Marcus André, Paula Erber, Marcelo Frazão, Roberto Tavares, Fátima Rodrigues, Petrillo, Julia Stained Glass, Maria Friedman, Igor Gomes, Maria Lucia Passion Mackin, Lea Soibelman, Paulette Beatriz Veiga, Orville Olive Trees, Andrea Facchini, Keyur Benedicto, Norma Mieko Okamura, Helena Wassersten, Vera Bueno, Marcelo Caldas, Eda Miranda, Rosane Cantanhede, Scott Eccard, Antonio Pinheiro, Osvaldo Centeno, Julio Ferreira Sekiguchi, Fernando Gonçalves Borges, Eric Collette, Simone Magalhães, BB Schmitt, Eliane Carrapateira, Helena Bridges, Fuad Jorge Hajjat, Robson Macedo, Adriana Lee, Artur Scovino, S.T.A. Collective R .


Local: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Arts Center.
Rua Benedito Hippolytus, 125 – Praça Onze – Centro. Tel: (021) 22245747
Inauguration: Day 21 September 2017, at 18h.
Period: From 22 from September to 28 October 2017
From Monday to Saturday, from 9 at 9:00 pm.

Free Entry


Exposição Coletiva “cubo além do CUBO” do Grupo Dez ao Cubo (convite). Foto: Divulgação.

Group exhibition "beyond the cube cube" of the Group Ten cubed (invitation). Photo: Disclosure.


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