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Series When I Saw - Libraries. Photography by Claudia Jaguaribe.
Series When I Saw - Libraries. Photography by Claudia Jaguaribe.

Exhibition at the Cultural Box Rio de Janeiro discusses the relationship of humans with the environment

Concrete Nature Displays pictures, videos and
from 17 Brazilian artists and groups

The Cultural BOX Rio de Janeiro presents, from 9 September to 12 November from 2017, the exhibition Concrete Nature, discussing and deepens a permanent interest in art, in science and philosophy: the relations of human beings with nature and the world around them. Between pictures, videos and installations in various formats, will be presented 94 works of 17 Brazilian artists and groups. The project is curated by Mauro Trinity and sponsorship of Caixa Econômica Federal and the Federal Government.

Participate in the exhibition: Alexander Sant'Anna, Ana Quintella & Alexandra Rossi, Ana Stewart, Bruno Veiga, Cássio Vasconcellos, Claudia Jaguaribe, Janae Barreto, Gerrad Rosa & Group Home, Hugo Denizard, Iatã Cannabrava, José Diniz, Luiz Baltar, Marco Antonio Portela, Pedro Motta, Rogério Faisal and Rogério Reis. In all, There is a concern with the relationship between man and the environment, a theme increasingly rediscovered in contemporary photography and that if back to the very origins of photographic art.

The jobs offer an opportunity to discuss topics such as cities, housing, mobility, Ecology and sustainability, Economics and technology, and history and transcendence, always putting human beings in perspective. "Through the works of some of the biggest names in contemporary brazilian photography, the exhibition Concrete Nature proposes a wider reflection on the boundaries between nature and culture, objectivity and subjectivity. The works operate on an extended field of photography, that includes prints in various materials, videos and installations ", comments the curator Mauro Trinity.

At the exhibition, the public can check, for example, the unpublished photos of Alexander Sant'Anna that renew the look on Amazon, overcoming the exotic and colorful model of the region; the nightly images of Cássio Vasconcellos, revealing the serialization of contemporary society; the series When I Saw-Libraries, by Claudia Jaguaribe, It proposes a review of the concept of natural landscape; the series Parks, Rogerio Faisal, confronting the urban void; and the images of psychiatric patients and Hugo Denizard transvestites.

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Extra activities:

On 16 September (Saturday), at 3:0 pm, the curator Mauro Trinity performs a tour open to the public, with release of the catalogue of the exhibition.

And on the day 28 October (Saturday), at 3:0 pm, the curator and artists receive the public for a free chat. Tickets for this activity will be distributed 30 minutes before the box office of the Cultural BOX.

Other information can be accessed on the exhibition page on Facebook for the link www.facebook.com/naturezaconcretaexposicao


Exhibition Concrete Nature
Local: CAIXA Cultural Rio de Janeiro-Gallery 4
Address: Av. Almirante Barroso, 25, Center (Subway and TRAM: Carioca Station)
Phone: (21) 3980-3815
Date: from 9 September to 12 th November of 2017
Time: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:0 to 9:0 pm
Indicative Classification: 12 years
Free entry
Access for people with disabilities

Sponsorship: Caixa Econômica Federal and the Federal Government


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