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We display is the result of the art of children and young people from poor communities in Rio

Works of students of the Solar Light boys NGO were inspired
in shows On the unknown: the Other

Exposição Nós, Obra da Aluna Beatriz de Souza, do Solar Meninos de Luz. Foto: Divulgação.

We Display, Work of Student Beatriz de Souza, of Solar Light boys. Photo: Disclosure.

Between the days 4 of August and 9 September, Solar Art Gallery will promote free exposure We, produced by students of the Solar Light boys, institution that promotes comprehensive education to residents of little Peacock peafowl and Cantagalo, in Copacabana. The show is curated by Pavan Aloysio, Ana Paula Albé, André Sheik and Patricia Wagner and coordination of Osvaldo Centeno.

From workshops given by four artists participating in the show In front of the unknown: the Other, previous exhibition of Solar Art Gallery, 16 students have to draw each other with care and sensitivity. We mirrors the same people in drawings and photographs through the experience of looking, to see and be seen.

The analysis of the see and be seen, experience that terrifies and enchants, provided the construction of a new look for artists. Before facilities and difficulties, releases and locks, the students worked on their fellow man with the vision to viewers, from different symmetries, proportions and perspectives.

The exposure of students is an activity developed with the aim of bringing the children of the current artistic production in the country. In shows, each has autonomy and central role in the creation and playback of your ideas.


Anna Beatriz Pereira de Macedo Barbosa
Ariane Nunes Martins
Beatriz de Souza
Caio Marques da Silva
Gabriel P Aguilar
João Augusto de Medeiros Silva
Kaylane Rodrigues de Nazareth
Laís Adams Cardoso
Lucas Emiliano Santos
Marcela Cristina dos Santos de Souza
Nicole Mathew
Paul Gabriel Freire de Mesquita
Somnath of Carvalho Pinto
Rickson Pablo Santos Ferreira
Ryan Tavares Moitinho
Thais Custódio Marques


Exhibition We
Curated by Mila Pavan, Ana Paula Albé, André Sheik and Patricia Wagner
Coordination of Osvaldo Centeno
Period: between 4 of August and 9 September
Visitation: from Monday to Friday from 9:00 at 6:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 to 1:00 pm
Entrance: free
Address: Solar Art Gallery-Rua Saint Roman, nº 146, Copacabana-Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

Phone: (21) 3202-6900

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