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14-Bis. Photo: Humberto Teski.

Exhibition "The Flying Poet, Santos Dumont "achievement international award

Shows won the gold in the International Design & Communication Awards (IDCA),
best scenography of temporary exhibition

The exhibition and the scenography of the Museum of tomorrow
were also recognized with a bronze medal at the awards,
delivered in Canada this Thursday, 17 November

The Flying Poet, Santos Dumont”, exhibition that highlights the innovativeness of the Brazilian inventor, conquered this Thursday, 17, the gold medal in the International Design & Communication Awards (IDCA), one of the main prizes of the world in the area of museums. Recognition for best Scenography of temporary exhibition was announced during the 17th edition of the International Conference "Communicating the Museum", in Quebec, in Canada. In addition to participating in the award of the IDCA, the Secretary General of Fundação Roberto Marinho, Hugo Barreto, also presented, at the meeting, the experiences of public engagement of SEA-River Museum of art and the Museum of tomorrow.

The exhibition, playing at the Museum of tomorrow, He was also awarded the bronze medal in the category of better communication of temporary exhibition. With audiovisual language and interactive activities, the expographic includes prototypes of the main creations of Santos Dumont and two full-size replicas: the Demoiselle airplane, complete design of the inventor, and the pioneer 14A. The Museum of tomorrow already won bronze with its main exhibition, best set design for permanent exhibition. Museums, galleries, foundations, biennials and cultural centers from around the world participate in the prize, with communication campaigns, brand positioning strategies, exhibition design, applications and websites.

Advertising: Banner Luiz Carlos de Andrade Lima

The exhibition "the flying poet, Santos Dumont "was a finalist along with the shows" Machinic Life ", the Museum of the future, in Dubai, and "ZieZo Marokko", the Tropenmuseum Junior, in Amsterdam. Communication campaign already ran, in the final step of the IDCA 2016, with the strategies of disclosure of the exhibitions "International Pop", the Philadelphia Museum of art, and the "Van Gogh ’ s Bedrooms", the Art Institute of Chicago. The Museum of tomorrow, on the other hand, He was finalist of the IDCA beside the Australian Maritime Museum and the Canadian Museum for human rights.

"The Flying Poet, Santos Dumont "has design and realization of Fundação Roberto Marinho, institution connected to the Globe Group, exclusive sponsorship of the Shell and Federal Government support, by Federal Law for Promotion of Culture. The curator is the designer Gringo Cardia and scientific advice, the biophysicist and researcher Henry Lins de Barros.

"It was a very rewarding challenge to celebrate the history of this genius, like all great inventors, He was also a poet: a man who printed art to science of making man fly ", says Hugo Barreto, Secretary General of Fundação Roberto Marinho. "The award is a recognition of creativity and the ability to communicate with the public at the exhibition, that reproached Dumont of new generations, celebrating it as an innovative genius inspires us until today. With his relentless purpose of making man fly, Santos Dumont made communication between people, changed man's relationship with the planet and, in a dimension that surprises us until today, changed the concept of time and space ", Barreto notes.

In addition to attending the awards ceremony of the IDCA, in Quebec, Hugo Barreto shared also, at the meeting "Communicating the Museum", the experiences of public engagement of SEA-River Museum of art and the Museum of tomorrow. The event is one of the most important communication meetings, art and culture of the world, and met, between 15 and 17 November, 250 professionals of museums and cultural institutions in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.

"It is very significant that the public engagement actions that are being carried out at sea and in the Museum of Tomorrow have to be seen as a reference in an international context. Relationship initiatives reinforce the Mission of these institutions as spaces for social interaction and exchange of experiences, and encourage experimentation and the integration between art, Science, education and culture ", says Hugo Barreto. "Are programs made with the community, not only for the community. Is an interaction that strengthens even more to have view to the rich culture and history of the region "port, complete.

Exposição “O Poeta Voador, Santos Dumont”. Foto: Humberto Teski.

Exhibition "The Flying Poet, Santos Dumont ". Photo: Humberto Teski.

Blockbuster on Praça Mauá

"The Flying Poet, Santos Dumont "has already received more than 455 1000 visitors at the Museum of tomorrow, Since April. "We stress the poetic and artistic side of Santos Dumont, Hence the title ' flying ' poet. He was a man of science who was inspired by the art: were the stories of Jules Verne, for example, the awakened to the dream of flying. We have shown that exercising creativity is a way to boost discoveries ", explains Gringo Cardia, Curator of the exhibition. For him, interactivity and playful way to display scientific concepts made possible the communication with children, as with the adults. "People feel part of the story to see how the creations of Santos Dumont and the evolution of flight have an impact on their lives until today", comments Gringo.

The exhibition features Santos Dumont as young entrepreneur, that offered projects to be replicated, instead of registering patent, in a kind of creative commons at the time. Was one of the first contemporary designers in the country, with precise strokes, simple and functional; one of the most celebrated Brazilian in the world (launched in Paris, capital of the world in the early 20th century) and brazilian capacity icon of science.

The inventor is the leitmotif for a stroll through the history of the flight. "We appreciate the brazilian capacity to innovate and do science, motivating children and youth to scientific activity ", sets the curator of the Museum of tomorrow, Luiz Alberto Oliveira.

Exclusive sponsor of the exhibition, Shell recognises the transformative contribution of Santos Dumont for global mobility. "110 years after the flight of the 14A, tens of thousands of planes crisscross the skies every day thanks to innovative and courageous minds like his ", says the President of the company in Brazil, André Araujo.

Audiovisual and interactive content

In dialogue with the language of the Museum, the expographic brings together audiovisual content, interactive activities, games and immersive environments. In the main room, prototypes of seven models created by Santos Dumont-Brazil the Demoiselle airplane balloon, your most comprehensive project, passing by 14A-show the evolution of the technology developed by the inventor. Interactive screens, deploy multiple layers of content, gathering documents, images and historical photos digitized.

A life-sized Demoiselle is on display and visitors participate in a raffle to experience the simulation of a "flight" on Paris and Rio de Janeiro of the early 20th century, with the images of the cities displayed by means of a video editing. The result of the simulation can be accessed on YouTube: to date have been published more than 10 1000 videos in the channel.

A documentary about the trajectory of Santos Dumont in the cinema, While in the room the challenge of flying a movie walks for inventions that inspired the poet, Since the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci. So playful, the visitor discovers physical and aerodynamic concepts on paper airplanes workshop: released on a track, the little planes trigger the Game of Trivia, in which videos bring scientific information. The exhibition also includes audio guide in English and Spanish, for foreign public, videolibras and audio description, that can be accessed via QRcode in each exhibition room.


About "The Flying Poet, Santos Dumont ": The exhibition's design and realization of Fundação Roberto Marinho, exclusive sponsorship of the Shell and Federal Government support, by Federal Law for Promotion of Culture www.frm.org.br/santosdumont

About the Museum of tomorrow: The Museum of tomorrow is an initiative of Prefeitura do Rio, designed and carried out in conjunction with the Roberto Marinho Foundation, institution connected to the Globe Group, having the bank Santander as Sponsor Master. Also with Shell and maintains and the support of the State Government, through the Secretariat of State of the environment, and the Federal Government, through the Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos (FINEP) and the Federal law of incentive to culture. The institution is part of the network of museums of the City Department of Culture. The Institute of management development (IDG) is responsible for the management of the Museum – www.museudoamanha.org.br

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