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Exhibition "The Mbyá Guarani" premiere at the River

Photo shows the river Poty Vherá bar Design and Danilo Christidis,
first indigenous coauthored,
It depicts southern Brazil Guarani communities

Exposição “Os Guarani Mbyá” estreia no Rio. Foto: Divulgação.

Exhibition "The Mbyá Guarani" premiere at the River. Photo: Disclosure.

In 2008, the photographer and educator visual Danilo Christidis began visiting Vherá Poty, Chief of the Mbyá Guarani village of Itapuã, in Viamão, in Rio Grande do Sul, in order to teach him to shoot. It didn't take long for the roles reversed-Poty proved to be a talented photographer and taught to Danilo as realize your community, Culture, philosophy and customs. "We welcome you as a child, that needs to be taught to perceive the world as we perceive ", said the Chief.

The result of this Exchange is in the photo book The Mbyá Guarani, with records made by the duo over seven years visiting 15 indigenous communities of the Mbyá, Guaraní subgroup that maintains a religious and linguistic Unit well outlined, what allows the recognition of his peers even in small villages. Of the book, were selected 24 photographs for the exhibition of the same name, which premiered in Porto Alegre in 2015 and has passed by Tucumán (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

The images make up a unique portrait of a sociodiversity little known by Brazilians, in intimate communion with the subtropical forests of southern and southeastern Brazil, distinguished by characteristics such as social organization, relationship with nature, religiosity, art, education, medicine, productive ways and natural resources management, cooking, pregnancy and childbirth, beyond the comprehension of the childhood, old age, birth and death. The importance of the environment as a source for the Mbyá Guarani-life is reflected in all aspects of "your way".

Who brings the exhibition for the first time in Rio de Janeiro's carioca brand Recently, through its programme to encourage the social entrepreneurship, Rebels with a cause. In the period of the exhibition, the store Recently the River Bar Design will have exclusive sale book The Mbyá Guarani, por R$ 99,00, with income destined to social projects driven by Vherá Poty.


Exhibition: The Mbyá Guarani
Rio Design Barra, 2° floor – – Av. of the Americas 7777, Out da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Tel.(21) 2430-3024 (2º floor)
From Monday to Saturday (10h to 10:0 pm), Sunday (15h to 9:00 pm)
From 15 august to 04 September

24 images, 80 cm x 60 cm


About the book:

The Mbyá Guarani

Photography: Vherá Poty and Danilo Christidis

Design: Danilo Christidis and Luiz Fernando Caldas F

Coordination: Danilo Christidis

Text of the Booklet “Words”: Vherá Poty

Cosmo-Ecology Text Mbyá-Guaraní: José Otavio Catafesto

Production: Linking Cultural Production

Advice of the visual and textual narratives: Luciane Ouriques Ferreira (Postdoctoral scholarship of the Brazil Program without Misery, FIOCRUZ) and Luiz Fernando Caldas F.

English Translation: Olivia Scarpini

Spanish Translation: Giulia Baron

Mbyá Guarani Translation: Vherá Poty

176 pages (photographs) + 60 pages (liner notes/texts)
Measures: 22cm x 16 cm x 3 cm

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