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Exhibition “Pizza” Gustavo Rebello Arte in


Gustavo Rebello Arte receives exhibition that brings together works from various eras
the artist Arthur Luiz Piza and reveals a part of his studio in Paris

From 27 September to 21 October 2016
Gustavo Rebello Arte
Av. Atlantic 1702, Shop 8, Copacabana
Tel: 2548-6163
From Monday to Friday, das 12h às 20h
Free Entry

Gustavo Rebello Arte Opens the day 26 September, at 18h, the exhibition "Pizza”, plastic artist Arthur Luiz Piza. The carioca public will have the opportunity to learn a little about the artist's Atelier in Paris at the Copacabana Palace Gallery, from 27 September to 21 October from 2016. The show, It's a panorama of pizza production, will have to work several times, Since the wooden and cardboard collages of years 60, through watercolors, the cutting and cropping, the ceramics of Sèvres, the metal reliefs s/sisal, the plots in galvanized steel, until the latest, Elements in space.

Internationally acclaimed artist, being an inventor of languages and techniques, in painting and engraving, Pizza made his brilliant career in the French capital, Since the early 50, without ever losing touch with his roots and Brazil Christmas. Over the past five decades, his studio was part of the script of generations of artists, art historians, museologists and Brazilian intellectuals. It was in this space, magnetized by a powerful creative force, who conceived and consolidated a work unique, dense and provocative: and became-for a legion of admirers like Lygia Clark (1920-1988) and Sergio Camargo (1930-1990), who was privileged interlocutor in the troubled Parisian setting of years 1960/1970.

Student in the years 1940 Antonio Gomide important name of Brazilian modernism, Arthur Luiz Piza, as one of the great Inheritors of this tradition, was key figure in the many clashes that marked the following decades brazilian art, for which bright offered answers, How to overcome the unformalism between the libertarian impulse and originator of constructivism, you would configure your production time. Tireless Explorer of the most different materials – from traditional role to refined porcelain, the unusual metals of mats – is responsible for a production that stretches from the generous formats miniature structures in public spaces. In all his work – Pizza was, and remains in this, a magician creator of spaces.

Through the multiplicity of languages used throughout the more than 60 years of his career, the artist installed a dialogue between all units produced, which notes of a Symphony in permanent development, Working, and reverberates ceaselessly. His most recent works are constructions engendered from different systems and metal springs, many of them displaying the marks of use, and that reveal themselves as gravitating constellations in a territory without boundaries, set not by extension, but by the time. For a poetic time built by delicate chromatic relations, non condensing, What pure energy, all the subtleties of the human soul.

"At the height of his 80 years, Arthur Luiz Piza continues, with a generosity only, the present us with fascinating aesthetic experiences, they keep the force and an own youth radicalism, at the same time distinguished by a debug and a brevity that only maturity conquered is able to forge. Their ethical commitment to art is an inspiring reference reveals, every day, new spaces ", Describes Marcelo Mattos de Araújo in the preface of the book about the life of Pizza.

More information about the artist:

Arthur Luiz Piza born in 1928, in São Paulo, where he had his first contact with the arts. In the 40, He studied painting and fresco with Antonio Gomide, one of the great names of the first Modernist generation. Moved in 1951 to Paris, where he worked in the Studio of the master of engraving Johnny Friedlaender. Pizza soon became an expert in all your techniques. Abandoned the more traditional and developed a unique technique to burn the plates with hammers and chisels to different formats. Between 1951 and 1963, participated in the Biennials of São Paulo; in 1959, the Documenta of Kassel, and 1966, the Venice Biennale, winning the prize of engraving. His work is in the collections of major museums in the world, as Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Guggenheim Museum, in New York, to Bibliothèque Nationale de France and the Musée National d'Art Moderne Centre Georges Pompidou, in Paris. In Brazil, his works are in Museum of contemporary art e no Museum of Modern Art, both in São Paulo. In 2002, to Pinacoteca do Estado organized a major retrospective and the Publisher Cosac Naify launched a catalog of his reliefs. The artist lives and works in Paris since 1951.


Exhibition: "Pizza"
Opening for guests : 26 September, the 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Period: From 27 September to 21 October 2016
From Monday to Friday, das 12h às 20h.
Gustavo Rebello Arte
Av. Atlantic 1702, Shop 8

22021-001 – Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro – (21) 2548-6163

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