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Exhibition "Poetry in Concrete". Photo: Disclosure.

Exhibition "Poetry in Concrete" makes taunts about the occupation of the city

Issues such as housing, sanitation and
sustainable use are addressed by the artist

On Friday (10), the Gallery Theodoro Braga receives the third solo artist shows Para Jeyson Duarte, the project "Poetry in Concrete" was one of the contemplated sap notice of the State of Pará Cultural Foundation and is open for free visits, at 19h.

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Jeyson has a work based on visual art and urban art mainly with use of graffiti and photography. In this new exhibition he reinvents and part for experimentation with objects, but without abandoning the urban interventions. "The idea was to use concrete, material that refers to construction of buildings and cities, to draw attention to areas that suffer from the neglect or misuse, while questioning urban development logic ", says the artist.

The exhibition will bring to gallery records 5 urban interventions made with concrete objects that depict the various types of use and occupation of the city, are about 600 pieces that were produced manually by artist and composing murals around the walls of Bethlehem. In addition, tools and all the creation process will be within reach of the public eye, causing a dip in thinking of Jeyson.

"Think the occupation of public space, becomes more and more a political act and choose the best way to discuss and take ownership of this chaotic environment is essential ", he says.

The show is open to the public until the end of August for free. The Gallery Theodoro Braga works 8h30 to 18h, from Monday to Friday, on the ground floor of the Pará State Cultural Foundation (Centur).

About the artist

Degree in social communication from UFPA, Jeyson Duarte, always reconciled artistic practice with reflection on urban aesthetics, advertising and design. Its production uses techniques and stencil languages, cartoon, Handmade photo and graffiti.

It was one of the selected Hotspot Movement Innovation Award in the photography category, with photograff project that united Grafitte and pinhole photography. He made his first solo exhibition at the gallery Gotazkaen with the project "Interlude" and the same year was selected in the announcement of Theodoro Gallery Braga, where he presented "urban look".

Also participated in the residency held the 10th edition of the National Network Program Funarte Visual Arts had the purpose to exchange between artists of Bethlehem and Joao Pessoa with results presented in Cabo Branco Station (João Pessoa,PB) and Forum Landi (Bethlehem,PA).

Exhibition "Poetry in Concrete"
Opening: 10 August,19h.
Visitation: 10 to 31 August.
Time: 8h to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
Free entrance


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