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The Visitor - oil on cabinet door - 46 x 61 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

Carlos Valencia Rhapsodies exposure

Curated by Luciane Valencia

Carlos Valencia plasticizes in his work all that the heart looks, feel or view, developing the great realism, with the field of brushes and through exemplary execution, where predominates a personal figuration, with striking and original features, which implies the creation of the world, a world of unique features.

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Carlos invites you to discover this world, but not before impact us with your vision and figuration, determining that this discovery is conducted under a different perspective and through subjective experiences reflections and. Thus, It leads us to participate, frame by frame, a story full of playful characters, romantic, poets and dreamers, that translate in the deepest feelings of the heart and soul.

In "Rhapsodies" his new series of poems in format screens, the artist takes the place of rhapsodes and exchange the lira by brushes. Among the definitions, it can be said that "RHAPSODY" is a free explanation of a poem, an epic work. Part of a vision, an expression of a whole, something greater. It is a form of freedom of something that is already free: the artistic expression.

"Rhapsody is an opportunity to meet the crossing of the languages ​​of art as a tool to abolish boundaries between popular and scholarly. a badge, enriched with inspirations in music, literature and cinema ", says the curator of the exhibition, Luciane Valença.

Carlos Valencia is Plastic Artist, Conservative and Restorative formed UFRJ. Recently participated in the restoration works of several important buildings in the revitalization of Rio de Janeiro Center, including the Monastery of St. Benedict, the Palace Theater and the Royal Portuguese Reading Room.

Exhibition "Rhapsodies" by Carlos Valencia
Curator Luciane Valencia
Local: Caja Café - Sofitel Ipanema
Av. Vieira Souto, 460 – Ipanema
Visitation: 14 September to 10 October
Timetables: every day from 8 am to 20h


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