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Virtual photo exhibition “500 Meters”

Contemporary Art Gallery pays tribute to the month of photography with the virtual exhibition 500 Meters. Exposure comprises 20 photographs, brings the look of 4 collective photographers: Denise Greco, Eduardo Tropia, Luciana Alves and Sheila Tostes.

A reflection on the pandemic, the reinvention of photography and the solitude of our windows.

The Contemporary Art Gallery, complete 1 year of existence with the curatorship of Lu Valença. The collective that was born in 2018, from Sofitel Ipanema exhibitions, consolidated its trajectory in virtual exhibitions following the pandemic and is now starting to resume its in-person work in the cities of Búzios – RJ and Ouro Preto – RJ.

You can check 500 METERS to 16 of September on the website contemporaneosgaleria.com


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