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Exhibition of photography "Time". Photo: Eduardo Monteiro.

Fashion Business River happens in October at Pier Maua

Business scholarship will be 27 to 29 October

Side event will have Retail seminar,
Parade of new creators and art installations

Is the new edition of the Fashion Business River, scheduled for the days 27, 28 and 29 October, in the warehouse 2 the pier Mauá. Focusing on fall/winter collections 2016, the business lounge will have the presence of 50 brands operating in Rio de Janeiro.

Exposição de Fotografia "Tempo". Photo: Eduardo Monteiro.

Exhibition of photography “Time”. Photo: Eduardo Monteiro.

Directed by Simon Jateem and Dual advice and management of Event Scale, the Fashion Business happens in the River area is the new postcard of the city – the region of the port. Occupying the entire warehouse 2, the event will also have shares in the Praça Mauá, that has just been revitalized.

Recognized as a pioneer among the events focused on segment business sets, the Fashion Business River enables the Union between the various stages of the production chain of fashion and Retail. Among their goals is to be a platform for all creative industry areas that influence and/or are influenced by fashion. In this way, In addition to the business bag, will happen the Bossa Nova Lounge Festival / Seminar sets, Design and Gastronomy, with seminar and discussions for the industry and for retailers, exhibition of young artists, Parade of new creators and an artistic installation that represents the Union of all participants of this productive chain.

"The world today is in the midst of a great transformation. Many believe even that this is the biggest transformation after the Industrial Revolution. And these changes come in a variety of ways: traditions and customs, the relationship with the environment; the forms of communication, the man X machine. We need to rethink not just an isolated segment, But how he impacts and is impacted by all this gear components. This is one of the points that we will address in the Fashion Business Rio – more than the business lounge with exposure and negotiation of the collections, We want to think and discuss business models. More than talking to where we walk-we need to discuss the changes and relationships ", indicates Jateem Simon.

"The Fashion Business has always been an event ahead of its time, initiating discussions and encouraging new possibilities of business relationships. And Rio de Janeiro has always been innovative city in the country, considered the more creative. We want to keep the essence of the new, the opening for the new. The only parade that will take place in this issue will focus on the new creators, and will be in the middle of Praça Mauá ", complete Jateem.

Among the brands already confirmed for this edition are Mara Mac, Mary Zaide, Eclectic, Blue Man, Afghan, Victor Dzenk, Holy Family, Totem, Cavendish, Agilitá, Lucidity, Shoulder and Fabulous.

"Nothing builds on rock, all about sand, but our duty is to build like the sand stone ... "
Jorge Luis Borges

The theme of the Fashion Business is "River of time, time, time ", underscoring how the time – or its absence – are seen and perceived in different ways of the modern world. And how is something increasingly valued.

Advertising: Banner Luiz Carlos de Andrade Lima

Visual communication follows this line and uses sand as its main element – something that is in constant motion and transformation, and still build castles…

Second Jateem Simon "even in times of uncertainty, We have to make the best possible. It is this ability to action that moves us”.


Day 27/10 – Tuesday
10h to 8:00 pm- Business lounge
18h- Jyoung photographers feature exhibition with the theme of time / Foodtrucks Festival: Clunker, Los Mendozitos, There Furgonet Coffee, Atelier of Ju and Tsume.

Day 28/10 -Wednesday
10h to 8:00 pm- Business lounge
18h- Parade new creators in the Praça Mauá / Foodtrucks Festival: Clunker, Los Mendozitos, There Furgonet Coffee, Atelier of Ju and Tsume.

Day 29/10 -Thursday
10h to 10:00 pm- Business lounge
18h- Jyoung photographers feature exhibition with the theme of time / Foodtrucks Festival: Clunker, Los Mendozitos, There Furgonet Coffee, Atelier of Ju and Tsume.


Day 27/10 – Tuesday
15h – Commercial management in fashion (Building Winning Brands in Scenario of Uncertainties)

Speaker: Silvio Chadad, fashion Marketing expert.

17h – Economic Panorama: challenges and opportunities
Speaker: Flavia Oliveira, journalist and commentator for Globo News and the newspaper O Globo.

19h – The importance of Design in the valorisation of the Gastronomic Restaurants. Mediator: Melina Dalboni, journalist and Fashion Coordinator
Elia Schramm – Chef of the restaurant Laguiole, MAM
Duilio Sartori – The design gallery and shop Office
Bel Wolf – Architect

Under the curatorship of the architect Bel Wolf, the Fashion Business Rio presents the photography exhibition "Time", in the event of fashion Rio will hold in the new Plaza of Maua 27 to 29 October.

Will be exposed 25 images of five young photographers cariocas: Anna Kahn, Camila Mag, Eduardo Monteiro, Luiza Naldan and Rafael Adorjan. The theme "Time" appears noting how time – or its absence – are seen, perceived in different ways of the modern world and how is something increasingly valued.

DAY 28/10 -Wednesday
11h – Meta – building through human capital

Speaker: Jateem Simon

14h30 – Who do the homework in retail will overcome the crisis.
Speaker: Ricardo Guinâncio – RG Consulting ceo Marketing and business and retail business Portal.

16h – Re-start: The new challenges of the global fashion market
Speaker: Olivia Merquior, Director of Dacri Deviati.

19h – Proposals for new readings of the food and the Act of feeding.
Mediator: Luciana Froes, journalist, criticism of Gastronomy

Andrea Henriques , The Organic Orchard Restaurant chef
Carolina Figueiredo, Chef of the restaurant Market Ipanema

DAY 29/10 -Thursday
11h – Roundtable: The importance of formatting a official calendar of releases.

Participants: Jateem Simon and Carlos Tufvesson invite the industry to debate

Local: Pier Mauá-Warehouse 2 – Avenida Rodrigues Alves 10

About the duo Consulting

The duo Consulting operates in the market of domestic fashion events since 1992 and was responsible for the rescue of Rio de Janeiro in the wholesale trade in Brazil calendar. Directed by Manager Simon Jateem, the duo Consulting has created the first fashion week in the city, Leslie-style week. From there, the river went on to host new events signed by company, as the Week BarraShopping of Style, with eight edits between 1996 and 2001. The duo also served as Counsel in charge of the Fashion Rio event, Minas Trend Preview, Fashion Music and Fashion Tour.

On the scale

The scale is considered one of the most significant events in the carioca scene. Founded 20 years by Jerome Vargas and Carlos Augusto Pires Willows, attracts the partnership of major brands and companies gather in its portfolio all the tools to put in the big market events and promotional marketing actions. In addition to calendar events, that are developed, marketed and produced by the team of the scale, as Top Fashion Bazaar, Brite and Expofood, the company is recognized even by closing internal and external customers of its partners.

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