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BASE gallery with achromatic works

A BASE gallery, complying with all protocols determined by the authorities, closes its exhibition schedule for 2020 with the opening of the group show “What is root and not vertex" with, approximately 40 works, between paintings and sculptures by Anna Maria Maiolino, Bruno Rios, Frans Krajcberg, José Rufino, Lucas Lander, Luiz Martins, Manoel Veiga, Marco Ribeiro, Mira Schendel and Bro. The curatorship is signed by Paul Azeco and artistic coordination is in charge of Daniel Maranhão.

The exhibition presents a wide representation of artists from several generations and regions of the country with a common point, some represented by the gallery, collections and other guests invited to participate in an exhibition that concludes the work of a year full of challenges. “The gallery's proposal is to bring a show where the achromatic language creates a dialogue between artists from different backgrounds and eras”, define Daniel Maranhão.

Choosing the boldness to break paradigms, to BASE gallery chooses to celebrate with no colors and show the possibilities of artistic representations in black and white, because it shares the concept mentioned by the artist Pierre Soulages that the more limited the means of expression that the artist has, the better the results he can achieve.

The curator Paul Azeco selects works where their importance and aesthetic value transcend the use of color: “From the pages of acclaimed monotypes of Mira Schendel, the lyricism of the work of Anna Maria Maiolino until the expressive power of the sculptures of Bro, strength is shown by other means ”, define.

Counterpoints and complements tell visual stories in “What is root and not vertex”. Frans Krajcberg, made his creative ability and concern for the sustainability of the planet, at a time when the subject was not highlighted, generate works in robust and sophisticated forms that are independent of subscription. They are a manifesto for you. The work of José Rufino uses elements loaded from memory, mainly from his family legacy, as documents, letters among other memorabilia items.

Lucas Lander investigates the use of coal in now figurative constructions, now abstract that extrapolate vigor; Marco Ribeiro presents works inspired by brutalist architecture in India while Bruno Rios has in his research the constant use of black and does not consider it a color that refers to sadness, how many. Your choice is for the sophistication of monochromaticism. Luiz Martins exhibits works where forms refer to their indigenous ancestors, based on rock representations full of black pigments, with a depth that refers to ancestral scars. The works of Manoel Veiga exhibit abstract results, where from image manipulation, emphasizes the confrontation between light and dark.

“’What is root and not vertex ’ deals with how contemporary Brazilians escape from two outstanding characteristics of Brazilian art: the use of color and geometry. This is a survey of those who go against this current, investigating inside out, being Brazilian without falling into the obviousness of the national imagination.

In the gallery's trajectory, the monochrome has always been a highlight in its exhibitions. It is one of its characteristics that we now expand and explain. The main motto of the curatorship is a reflection of the dark times we live in; the country was saddened and this fact justifies talking about this art that is not just about celebration and more about reflection ”.

Paul Azeco

Exhibition: “What is root and not vertex
Artists: Anna Maria Maiolino, Bruno Rios, Frans Krajcberg, José Rufino, Lucas Lander, Luiz Martins, Manoel Veiga, Marco Ribeiro, Mira Schendel, Bro.
Curated By: Paul Azeco
Coordination: Daniel Maranhão, Leonardo Servolo, Cassia Malusardi
Opening: 28 November - Saturday – from 12:00 to 18:00
Period: from 30 th November of 2020 to 23 January 2021
Time: from Tuesday to Friday, from 11am to 7pm; Saturday, from 11am to 3pm.
Local: gallery Base
Address: Al Franca 1030, Jardim Paulista || 01422-002 | São Paulo, SP
Phone: (11) 3062 6230 || Whatsapp (11) 98327 9775 / (11) 98116 6261
E-mail: contato@galeriabase.com.br
WebSite: www.galeriabase.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/galeriabase
Instagram: www.instagram.com/galeriabase
Number of works: approximately 40
Techniques: paintings and sculptures
Dimensions: varied
Price: R$ 1.500,00 the R $ 300.000,00

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