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Christmas photo created by pvproductions - br.freepik.com.
Christmas photo created by pvproductions - br.freepik.com.

Christmas decoration ideas for stores

The Christmas is already coming and you can see the Christmas decoration across the city: street decorations, houses, facades and even in stores. It is a way to contribute to uplift the spirit of that time, who wants to renew energy and share good things.

For stores, Christmas ornaments also help to attract public attention, being a gimmick for the products and services of the time, as well as an opportunity to renew the decor of the environment.

Together, stores can also enjoy the end of the year for various promotions. So much so that it is not uncommon to see a modulo de led announcing some offer, next to figures of santa claus, reindeer and leafy branches.

However, given the diversity of ornaments and ornaments, many stores have doubts on how to make an attractive decoration and not so exaggerated, since the excess can be harmful to the facades, confusing the audience.

Therefore, today's article will bring some Christmas decoration ideas to stores, so that your establishment gains a new look and manages to attract even more customers' eyes. Follow the reading!

Learn the reason to invest in a Christmas decoration?

Normally, Christmas is the most prosperous time for retailers. This is due to the very culture of society, where loved ones are presented, family and friends.

For those who work with children's products, the prospects are even better. It is not uncommon to see parents and / or guardians waiting for Christmas to present their children.

Just to have an idea, even with the crisis of the year 2018, retail trade increased by 5,5% on Christmas shopping, compared to the previous year.

Including, even in complicated moments, for example, that of a pandemic or other crisis situations, people expect to do their Christmas shopping safely. Furthermore, this doesn’t prevent you from enjoying a beautiful Christmas decoration.

Given this scenario, it is important that stores follow this dynamic, not only with the offer of products, but ourselves decoration projects, that need to convey the values ​​of Christmas.

In other words, it's a way to get closer to your audience, attracting customers and contributing to your company's reputation. Even because, this time of year, the strange thing is to come across stores that do not invest in Christmas decoration, Not the other way around.

7 tips for decorating your store at Christmas

Your Christmas decoration doesn't have to be a headache. Unlike, with some simple devices, it is possible to create a pleasant environment, that will attract the public and differentiate your company.

To follow, check out some tips on how to decorate your store at Christmas.

1 – Have simplicity

It is not necessary to invest thousands of reais to make your showcase attractive. With a little creativity, you can create amazing effects, spending little.

The first tip is to focus on representative Christmas symbols, as the gifts. Your business is likely to have several cardboard boxes in stock, unused. You can take advantage of them and, with some gift papers, make a box all decorated.

These packages create a very pleasant visual effect, since they have volume to compose the scenario. In addition, it’s important to use Christmas colors, like the golden, Red and green.

Realize that you don't need to invest in a large store renovation, but with a few simple articles, that your company already has in stock, it is possible to do something unusual.

2 – Use your own products

Continuing this idea of ​​not spending too much on Christmas ornaments, another possibility of decoration is to use your own products as part of the decoration.

This is already common for many stores, who wear the full body mannequin with company goods. No Natal, the premise is the same, but it is possible to go further and create very creative projects.

For example, a library or bookstore can make a pile of books in the shape of a christmas tree. After, just put some lights and a star on top. Ready!

3 – Prefer recyclable materials

Nowadays, much is said about the issue of sustainability – and this can be extended to Christmas decorations. The use of recyclable materials has been an alternative to tenants, especially for those who want to save with ornaments.

The tip is to use pallets and boxes to compose the showcase. Besides making the decoration very attractive, it is also a way to contribute to the reuse of waste and not spend so much on the purchase of materials.

Including, stores can take advantage of structures they no longer use, as a stainless steel shelf, for example.

It is interesting to combine these ornaments with a more rustic and industrial decoration.

4 – Use something unusual

Another tip for decorating your store is to escape the conventional and surprise customers with something unusual. You can, for example, use materials that are not common for window decoration.

Hang some Christmas balls on your retractable cover, building an effect similar to rain, or make a christmas tree on a ladder. These are creative options that can draw the public's attention.

5 – Abuse of red

When we talk about Christmas, it is very common to associate this time of year with a specific color: the Red. Therefore, this shade cannot be missing in your decoration project.

Many people believe that to attract the attention of customers it is necessary to invest in very colorful ornaments, but contrary to that, monochrome can be much more sophisticated and attract because of its simplicity.

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In corporate projects that demand refinement, the application of just one color in the decoration can be the best way to decorate the environment. In the case of Christmas, the preferred color is red.

6 – Make a hanging decoration

The hanging decoration is a great attraction for your store. This type of ornament gives the impression of “gifts falling from the sky”, in addition to being a creative way to make better use of space.

You can hang gifts and many other accessories, such as:

  • Stars;
  • Santa Claus dolls;
  • Flying reindeer;
  • Natal balls;
  • Among others.

Just be careful to choose a height that does not affect customer traffic.

7 – Don't forget the Christmas lights

Christmas lights are essential for any decoration of that time. They give the special touch to your showcase, but also inside the store, besides being elements that refer to this Christmas spirit.

For this reason, even if your decor is very simple, bet on christmas lights. You can place them as part of the showcase setting, rolled in products, or within the entire length of your store.

Where to put Christmas decoration in the store?

Anyone who thinks that Christmas decoration needs to be present only in shop windows and facades is wrong.

These elements can also appear inside the establishment, so that the client remains inserted in that environment, while shopping.

Outside the visual aids, an interesting tip for companies is to invest in flavoring of the environment. As we are in the Christmas season, some smells are more characteristic, like a hot cake, chocolate and nuts.

In addition, if your store invests in the issue of aromas, customers will feel much more comfortable, creating a strong bond with your company. Including, aromatherapy is already used as a sensory marketing device.

Inside stores, it is worth following the same recommendations previously expressed, either to avoid excesses and also to save time investing in a Christmas decoration.


Christmas is already coming and at this time it is common for stores to, businesses and companies invest in an attractive decoration.

after all, is a way to get customers' attention and, at the same time, contribute to increase the feeling of solidarity, respect and empathy.

However, given the large amount of ornaments available today, it is difficult to choose the right decoration. Even because, excess can be harmful, driving customers away from your store, by the impression of disorganization.

Today's article tried to bring some tips on how to decorate your store window and the interior of your store in a simple way, but efficient, contributing to a pleasant space for everyone.

In this way, you will win customers and participate in this time so prosperous for commerce and economy.

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Christmas is just around the corner and you can see the Christmas decorations all over the city: street decorations, houses, facades and even in stores. It is a way to contribute to uplift the spirit of that time, who wants to renew energy and share good things. For stores, Christmas ornaments also help to attract public attention, being a gimmick for the products and services of the time, as well as an opportunity to renew the decor of the environment. Together, stores can also enjoy the end of the year for various promotions. So much so that it's not uncommon to see…

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