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decorative laminates: know the advantages

The s decorative laminates are increasingly dominating the decoration market and becoming a trend in environment design projects, and all this is due to the practicality and versatility in the composition of different rooms.

Simply put, decorative laminates are formed by layers of kraft paper, phenolic resin plated.

This type of technological coating, which has a high durability, has gained a lot of strength in decorations thanks to the practicality of its installation and its lower cost., increasingly present in the spaces.

People around the world are increasingly concerned about the decoration of the environments where they live., whether looking for a garden landscaping up to interior design, remodeling their homes or offices.

Even more so after the time when everyone was confined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, feeling the need to have an environment in which to spend the days in a more pleasant way.

By the way, the pandemic showed how important it is to have a space that is cozy, after all spend the day at home looking at that peeling wall, or that dull furniture discourages anyone.

In addition, many companies have opted for remote jobs, and only those who work from home know the importance of having a space reserved for this environment, this completely changes the relationship regarding the functions.

Whether to set up an office, get a new room or a external environment, laminates are very welcome, not to mention that in addition to houses you can also give your company a new look, store, anyway, the possibilities are many.

Renovating your space takes a lot of work., because there is a lot of breaking and noise, and in some cases it is even necessary to hire a company specialized in floor and floor scraping, to give a floor-to-ceiling renovation.

just thinking about all this, already beats a discouragement, and with that some people end up giving up on the renovations so they don't have to face all this hassle.

Decorative laminates are a great option for those who want to change, but you don't want to worry about all this trouble, because everything will be resolved soon and you will be able to use the environments without spending months dealing with the renovation.

In addition, It can add elegance to spaces, because there are countless colors and textures that you can use when decorating.

Decorative laminates reproduce the appearance of materials such as natural stone and wood., bringing a more sophisticated look to your makeover and all the personality you want when opting for a makeover.

Discover the main advantages

There are numerous advantages when choosing decorative laminates, such as their high resistance to wear and tear over time., beyond light collisions, risks, stains or hot, humid weather, also resists the use of non-abrasive cleaning products.

In addition to being able to customize, as there are an infinity of colors, designs and finishes, You can choose which one best matches your decor..

For example, in a house that has wooden structured floors, you can opt for a laminate with a woody finish to match the environment and make everything more rustic.

After all, the possibilities when choosing this decoration are numerous., It will depend a lot on the decoration proposal and also on the personality you want to add to the place, taking into account that the designs imitate stones, chips, marbled cement and other textures.

It is very convenient and quick to clean., usually a cloth moistened with alcohol is enough to clean your laminate.

Application: see how to do

They can be applied in furniture coverings and in the most varied environments., such as:

  • island;
  • bedrooms;
  • Kitchens;
  • Bathrooms;
  • trades.

The possibilities when using decorative laminates are very wide, so knowing some ways to use it in your decor is important.

like the wood tone, that goes well in all types of environments and enriches the look of spaces with plants, reinforcing the sophistication. Thanks to its sober color, makes a great counterpoint to elements that have intense colors.

Can be combined, for example, in a space of one project management company, passing a sophisticated and at the same time modern air thanks to the combination of colors that bring this idea.

By the way, the game of colors is essential in creating the look of an environment, often bringing warmth and modernity, in the case of very dark environments, you can opt for lighter laminates, to bring a certain balance and points of light to the space.

Whoever thinks that laminates are only used on floors is wrong., because its application is so versatile that it can also be applied to walls, completely changing the look of your home.

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You know that environment that needs something more?, personality is missing, a wall to stand out? So, decorative laminates can be a great option, since they are easy and practical, avoiding that dirt when painting these places.

In a single day you will have your room completely renovated., without having to worry about the strong smell of paint and all the inconvenience when painting a place, since the application of laminates does not require the use of nails, screw, drilling machine, just use contact glue.

If you are thinking of using them in your decor, before going to one laminate flooring store, seek help from a professional in the field, as it is essential for the bonding process and application to have a better finish.

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Because they will guarantee a precise cut of the pieces, using the specific instruments, ensuring a better result in the application, thus preventing bubbles on the surface or the material from peeling off easily, which can end up being a lot of work to fix.

At the beginning, contact glues had in their formula materials such as toluol solvent, what caused a strong smell in the environment, in addition to being bad for your health. thanks to technology, current adhesives are free of this substance.

Even promoting a fixation much superior to the old versions, that is, if you have ever heard that the application of these patches was aggressive to health and caused a strong smell, keep calm, because there is currently no such risk.

In addition to the comfort and safety that decorative laminates bring, as already said, they reproduce the elements of nature like wood, marble and other stones, so you get the look you want.

And that, of course, spending little, since the acquisition of these organic materials is usually more expensive, generating great savings in your pocket.

You can use this money on other decor elements like hiring a wooden furniture manufacturer to revamp your work or home environment.

It is also possible to use laminates to give a new look to furniture that is already old or that you want to redesign.. You know that wardrobe you've had for years and can't stand to look at his face anymore?

So, an excellent way to change without having to change and spend money on another is to apply the laminate coating, so you also choose exactly how it will look, combining with the other elements.

Can also be used on tables, bed headboards, Kitchen cabinets, cabinets, anyway, an infinity of possibilities. How laminated sheets are flexible, they allow its use in curved and rounded pieces.

Only the boxes cannot be laminated on their surface, because the humidity can harm the result due to the baths and constant washing of this environment.

Besides that, explore all the possibilities that decorative laminates have to offer. beyond the furniture, they are used a lot in construction, on floors and in transport as well, thanks to its non-slip texture and protection against stains and scratches.

And these solutions aren't just for homes or vehicles., as they work for all types of environments, from offices, shops, industry as of wood floor repair SP, where they can make the environment more pleasant and comfortable.

Therefore, if you are looking for a quick decoration, easy and cheap, invest in decorative laminates. As you can see in this article, they are safe, durable and easy to access and apply.

It allows many possibilities to environments thanks to the versatility of its colors and textures, making the space have more personality, not to mention that it can be used in many ways on different surfaces..

Research and see how these laminates can give a new look to the environments and spaces of your home or business and invest in this type of decoration that is increasingly gaining strength in the market..

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