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Paula Klien. Photo: Disclosure.

Paula Klien presents new works at the Cultural Center Post

The exhibition "Fluvius" brings together over 50 the artist's works including paintings, digigrafias and facilities

Opening 3 of december

The Cultural Center of Rio de Janeiro Post, features, from 3 th December 2019 to 26 January 2020 the exhibition "Fluvius", de Paula Klien, curated by Denise Mattar. The show brings together more than 50 recent works of the artist whose production is characterized by the unusual use of ink.

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"Fluvius" displays a set of new research Paula Klien alongside some works previously produced. are paintings, digigrafias and performance of video artist painting canvases and papers into a river. In addition, "Fluvius" has two lush roots that according to the artist "serve to protect the river from erosion and hold the land, preventing the river is buried, letting the water flow ". "Joined symbiotically, water and roots reflect well this time of working Paula Klien, unstable, subtle and delicate, but also dense, intense and deep. It is the calm waters of a turbulent river ", complements Denise Mattar curator of the exhibition.

Since 2017 the artist has been holding exhibitions abroad. Among them, na AquabitArt Gallery, in Deustsche Bank and Positions Art Fair in Berlin. Solo Booth organized by the Saatchi Art Gallery in London and ArtBA in Buenos Aires. In Brazil participated, in 2018 the exhibition "Oriental Brush" at the Cultural Center Post, He exhibited at ArtRio and held individual "Liquid Extremes" in the Culture House Laura Alvim, curated by Marcus Lontra.

"Fluvius" - exhibition
Opening Day 3 th December 2019, 18h30
In sign of 4 December until day 26 January 2010
Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 20 – Center, Rio de Janeiro - RJ / Phone: (21) 2253-1580
Time: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12h to 19h
Free entry

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