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I Tolleson Photo, Arizona - USA, Rafael Ambrose.

“Please Don’t Touch”, photographic exhibition of Lowrider culture, occupies the Cultural Pack

With records through the lens of photographer and movement of precursor in Brazil, Rafael Ambrosio, the exhibition opens on 18 May the presence of Blenzer Low Rider, Funk Buia, DJ Novset, Mr. GrandeE e DJ Julia Weck. Occupation is in the Cultural Pack Gallery until 8 of June

São Paulo, May 2019 – The Lowrider culture reaches the Cultural Pack with the photographer and videographer exposure paulistano Rafael Ambrosio. A ocupação “Please Don’t Touch”, that opens the day 18 de Mayo, features 11 years of movement records in Brazil, European countries and the United States through Rafael lenses. In order to show how the scene is conducted at these sites, brings true ideology and what makes you grow steadily since its inception, still in the 50, when Mexicans started to customize their cars with paintings and downgrades. The Lowrider goes beyond aesthetics, questioning since its inception capitalism to reuse and give new features and expensive for used cars and old, usually discarded by the system that insists on status New vehicle.

Usually, the term "Don’t Touch” (Do not touch) It is used in car windshield sticker, indicating to people not to touch. For the photographer, expression goes beyond the materialistic impact damage to the vehicle: "It is to make clear that not ringing in my culture, do not you fool, not get onto, not loved and not put out my story ", confirms. In the opening event, What happens day 18 de Mayo, from 16h, we will have appearances by renowned Lowrider culture names in Brazil and street music, as Blenzer Low Rider, Funk Buia, DJ Novset, Mr. GrandeE e DJ Julia Weck.

At the age of 29 years, Rafael is considered the precursor of the movement photographer in Brazil. His first contact was at ten with neighboring Capão Redondo, São Paulo – SP, who were already involved in the scene. At the age of 15 He began to record the activities still amateur way, but to draw attention to his talent, It was nominated for an audiovisual workshop in an NGO in the south of the capital São Paulo. Since then, uses these tools to work also record and document their experience in that parallel universe that is the Lowrider culture.

Rafael began to study cinema at college Anhembi Morumbi, I Radio and TV on Canal Futura in a partner project with the Roberto Marinho Foundation. Made several free courses in renowned local institutions, to Create Institute, Senac, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, School of Film and DRC. In 2016 She participated in the documentary "Lowrider Brazil" (vimeo.com/216907767), directed by Frenchman Stephane Benini, selected for eight international film festivals and awards in four of them (Arizona Short Film Festival; Digital Griffix Film Festival; South Film and Arts Academy Festival; London Motor Festival 2016). In 2017 was invited to exhibit his work in Clermont Ferrand, France. In the same year he took six pictures of your project published in the book "The World Atlas of Street Fashion", Caroline Cox, in London. Already in 2018, It was awarded in a photographic exhibition in Los Angeles for "Lowrider Magazine", the bigger picture of the magazine in the world.

The exhibition "Please Do not Touch" occupies the galley Cultural Pack until the day 8 of June.

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Exposição “Please Don’t Touch”, Rafael Ambrosio, in Cultural Pack
Address: Rua Rego Freitas, 542 – Republic, São Paulo, SP
Opening: 18 de Mayo, between 16h and 21h
visitation dates: Between 19/05 and 08/06
Visitation schedules: have. sab. from 12h to 22h; judgment. from 10:00 to 8:00 pm
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