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Shows "Ipanema" Charlotte Lisbon. Photo: Disclosure.

Sofitel Ipanema receives the show "Ipanema" Charlotte Lisbon

The show “Ipanema”, Charlotte Lisbon, opens Earth Day celebrations at the Sofitel Ipanema, whose purpose is to create a common awareness to contamination problems, conservation of biodiversity and other environmental concerns to protect the Earth.

Charlotte Lisbon, Bahia open water, lives and works in Salvador and Florida shaft, in the United States, where he moved as a teenager. There, It has established itself in the way of fine arts, developing their work with various materials, such as graphite, coal, watercolor, acrylic and oil.

In love with Rio de Janeiro, the artist visit Ipanema whenever he can and reap its stunning sea tones inspirations for his works. Charlotte paints and draws, reflecting in their creations female, the drive and spirituality, a visit to the potent nature, nay, ahead contemplating the sea and its immensity.” explains the curator of the show Lu Valencia.

Exploring various schools, example impressionism, of realism and figuration, Bahian artist has as great references masters, as Velasquez, Degas and others, whose techniques are inspiring, for her, object of deep dedication and exercise.

In "Ipanema", Charlotte invites everyone for a swim in deep emotions, in which you feel the salty waters hit in the chest and bathe the skin and the soul. How to be immune?

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Exhibition: Ipanema
Artist: Charlotte Lisbon
Curated By: Lu Valença
Period: 4 April to 6 de Mayo
Visitation: Every day, from 8:00 to 8:00 pm.
Sofitel Ipanema
Av. Vieira Souto, 460
Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro
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