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Performance "WHO'S PARTY IS SOMEONE'S LOVE", featured. Disclosure.


Performance / homage directed by Hugo Rodas and artists from Brasilia Workers and cultural workers from Brasilia will take to the streets in solidarity with those who lost their loved ones and to honor those who left. A mobilização é ...

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Oscar D´Ambrosio. Photo: Disclosure.

Oscar D´Ambrosio – “The importance of social networks for artists in time of confinement”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Check out Oscar D´Ambrosio's tips to succeed in your social media posts. TIPS Six tips for the artist to deal with social networks in times of confinement. Words like novo coronavirus, COVID-19 e pandemia entraram em nosso ...

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Psychologist Vanessa Fuzatti. Photo: Disclosure.

Vanessa Fuzatti - “Psychology and Art in times of pandemic”, by Edmundo Cavalcanti

At this time, where all cultural spaces and activities are public or private, where artists in all forms of expression of art and culture find themselves without the momentary possibility of publicizing their works and activities, tenho percebido ...

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“Meet the Egg, a collective of independent artists:”, by Juliana Vannucchi

“Art is a flower born on the path of our life, and that is developed to soften it ”. – Arthur Schopenhauer OVO is a collective of creative minds that incorporate their most diverse points of view in unique works. A ...

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Solar event in the Baron meets recorders and other local artists

Oportunidade deve oferecer opções de presentes natalinos e antecipar compras de final de ano O Solar do Barão abre suas instalações, This Saturday (9/11) and on Sunday (10/11), for the fourth edition of Solar Fair. O evento é uma iniciativa ...

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Without Barriers - Accessibility Festival and Artists with disabilities is promoted by the City of São Paulo

Festival has the support of various cultural institutions of the city The City of São Paulo, through the Municipal Culture (SMC) and Disability Personnel (SMPED), and support the institutions of the Cultural Paulista (Casa das Rosas, IMS, Itaú ...

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Fair music business encourages setting for artists and trends points

The International Fair of South Music, reaching the third edition, It is open to agents of all Brazilian states and Latin America. The new forms of negotiating cultural products are increasingly made possible rapprochement between artists ...

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Workshop "Alchemy of Art" Artists

The gallery promotes M.Blois, in the days 24, 25 and 26 April, the workshop "ALCHEMY OF ART", taught by artist Ufilho (Ulysses Andrade). Ulysses is Bahia, created in Rio and journalist training. In the 70, He left the ...

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Historic building in the center receives registration for artists occupy their studios

Even day 20 January, artistas e coletivos interessados em ocupar gratuitamente os ateliês do Red Bull Station durante um mês podem enviar propostas pela internet O Red Bull Station promove a quarta edição do programa OCUPAÇÃO, que incentiva artistas ...

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Fakes da vida real: philosopher points as just numbers turn in the social network and how it has affected the market and the economy in real life

Writer, philosopher and Abreu Fabiano researcher introduces the concept of "economic fake", which are actual accounts and profiles that only count numbers and do not mobilize the economy and the entertainment industry. O país vive um momento difícil em ...

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