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Show “Farol de Neblina”. Photo: Wilssa Esser.
Show “Farol de Neblina”. Photo: Wilssa Esser.

CCBB debut “Foglamp”, a web series of suspense and psychological thriller, day 05/02

Ministry of Tourism, Banco do Brasil present and sponsor and Livelo co-sponsors the webseries


Adapted from the theatrical show Mist, the web series has four episodes, with production of Rubim Productions, text of Sérgio Roveri, adaptation of the text for Clarissa Campolina, direction of Yara de Novaes and Clarissa Campolina and cast formed by Leonardo Fernandes and Fafá Rennó

Debut in 5 February “Farol de Neblina”, four-episode web series adapted from the theatrical show Neblina, presented at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center in Belo Horizonte in the months of January and February 2020. The forecast was for circular assembly in other Brazilian capitals – CCBB São Paulo, CCBB Rio de Janeiro and CCBB Brasília – but the seasons were postponed due to the pandemic, and, now, arrives in a new format.


The original project is designed by Leonardo Fernandes and Tatyana Rubim. Yara de Novaes signs the direction of the play and, on the webseries, filmmaker Clarissa Campolina joins her. The director of photography is the award-winning director Wilssa Esser. The unpublished text written by Sérgio Roveri was adapted for the series, for him and the filmmaker Clarissa Campolina, in a collective creation between the author, Yara, Clarissa e Tatyana. André Cortez is responsible for the original scenario and new elements were added by the directors. DR Morris is responsible for the original score and also signs a new score for the series. Actress Fafá Rennó shares the scene with Leonardo Fernandes, as in the original show.

“We had a complete restructuring. We started from a theatrical show to a webseries and looked for cinema aesthetics and resources to make this new work. We maintain the central line, an event that guides the narrative, but, technically, the time is different, the CARACTERISTICS, the team and structure are from the audiovisual. The language, light, cortes, trail, direction and photography are from cinema. Actors Leonardo Fernandes and Fafá Rennó bring the important experience of acting in cinema, which gives us even more and gives us the security of a team completely aligned with the cinematic language. The format was designed to be viewed online, with the duration and triggers designed to capture the attention of the spectators ”, explains Tatyana Rubim.

The roadmap for "Foglamp" combines elements of suspense and psychological thriller and shows the mysterious meeting of a couple, Diego (Leonardo Fernandes) and Sofia (Fafá Rennó), in a house without neighbors over a cold and foggy night. Confined in this harsh environment, the characters indulge in a strange exercise of empathy and provocation that has everything to move towards an outcome that can be both tragic and revealing.

As the night progresses, Diego and Sofia agree to report some facts of their lives, but that are nothing but crumbs, insufficient for the public to compose a profile of the characters that comes close to reality.

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The webseries has free access by withdrawing tickets on the website www.espetaculoneblina.com.br, from 5 February to March 1, 2021. Premiere of episodes days 5/2, 12/2, 19/2 and 26/2 – Friday, Saturday, Monday, at 8:00 pm and Sunday, 19h. Available to be assisted until 30 June 2021, always in these days and times. Each episode averages 18 minutes.

“Farol de Neblina” is presented by the Ministry of Tourism, Banco do Brasil presents and sponsors and Livelo co-sponsors the webseries, with resources from the Federal Culture Incentive Law, of the Special Secretariat for Culture of the Ministry of Tourism.

From theater to webseries

According to the author of the text, Sérgio Roveri, the adaptation of the play for webseries helps to show the various possibilities of the script. “The series format enriched the story with cinematographic resources that include external scenes, flashback strings, images of actors and technicians behind the scenes of the theater and an agile narrative, that values ​​all the elements of suspense present in the plot. It's much more than a filmed show, it is a product that brings together the most powerful that theater and cinema have to offer in favor of a narrative ”, says Roveri.

Director Yara de Novaes says that the transposition of Neblina to the audiovisual was organic, also taking into account the theme of the show, that has a lot of the reality that we have lived today, in this pandemic period. “It is this apprehension because of something that got in our way and compromised everything that we had imagined that our future would be. Which gives us the certainty that we only have this gift. This moment that we are dealing with so many losses, and that life and death mean the same thing. And we have a feeling that everything continues, anyway. But it is a time when we, as well as the characters from “Farol de Neblina”, we have been trying to find ways to resist and to live a little better ”.

Yara says that the arrival of artist and filmmaker Clarissa Campolina contributed to the adaptation taking place naturally. “Together with Sérgio Roveri we started to adapt the script for the web series and we realized how we could actually make the cinema somehow increase all the wishes we had at Neblina theater and that we were unable to put on stage. So, the cinema brought some thoughts that we had in the play process ”. She says that “Farol de Neblina” also brings other aspects of these characters, in an intrinsic connection with what we've been experiencing. “But always thinking in a very hopeful way, as it was in the show, knowing that there, activate, an outlet for suffering, it's possible".

Clarissa Campolina confesses that she had not seen the play and was happy to see Yara de Novaes again, with whom I had already worked 18 years. “We have a friendly relationship. It was a joy to receive this invitation. Sérgio's text has many subtleties and nuances in the characters and in the construction of the story itself. There is a very strong metalinguistic game. So, the adaptation for the web in these terms was very interesting because we were gaining other layers that bring this metalinguistic strength. Now, streaky for another time, this one that we are living, providing other senses as well. My effort and work was to see the recorded piece, read the text, talk to everyone involved, thinking about intentions and trying to make a transcreation for webseries. This has been very intense and interesting ”, says the director.

Online chats

In addition to watching the episodes, the public, from 12 years, he is also invited to check online conversations with the actors and technical team of the web series about the project development process. Online meetings are scheduled on the 1st, 08, 15 and 22 February and March 1, 2021, Mondays, at 8:0 pm, immediately after the unprecedented episode session. Transmission is through the website www.espetaculoneblina.com.br.

The premiere, on February 1st, is with the “Chat Chat for the Webseries Farol de Neblina”, with Fafá Rennó and Leonardo Fernandes. The actors talk about fog, the challenges of transposition online and answer questions previously sent by viewers.


SPONSORSHIP: Banco do Brasil / CO-SPONSORSHIP: Livelo / TEXT: Sérgio Roveri / CAST: Fafá Rennó and Leonardo Fernandes / Stand in Fafá Rennó: Raquel lauar.

NEBLINE ARTISTIC TEAM: Idealization: Leonardo Fernandes and Tatyana Rubim / Direction: Yara de Novaes / Production Management: Tatyana Rubim / Scenery: André Cortez / Original Soundtrack: Dr Morris / Luz: Wagner Antônio / Body Preparation: Eliatrice Gischewski / Costumes: Ivana Neves and Leonardo Fernandes / Costume Design: Daniela Nogueira / Management Assistance: Daniel Faria / Management Intern: Cadu Cardoso / Aderecista: Marcelo Andrade / Sound Operator: Vinícius Alves / Lighting operator: Daniel Bolara / Stage Assistant: Marcos Oliveira Alves / VISUAL PROGRAMMING: Graphic Design: Studio Craft (James Macedo)/ Graphic Project Photography: Alessandra Nohvais / recension: Isadora Troncoso / PRESS ADVISORY IN BELO HORIZONTE: Communication Light . Jozane Faleiro / ACHIEVEMENT, PRODUCTION AND ADMINISTRATION: Executive Production: Jhonathan Nicoletti / Rubim Produções Team: Sônia Branco Cerqueira, Barbara Amaral, Juliana Peixoto, Mariana Angelis and Letícia Leiva ⠀

NEBLINA LIGHTHOUSE ARTISTIC TEAM: SPONSORSHIP: Banco do Brasil / CO-SPONSORSHIP: Livelo / TEXT: Sérgio Roveri and Clarissa Campolia / CAST: Fafá Rennó and Leonardo Fernandes / Direction: Clarissa Campolina and Yara de Novaes / Assistant director: Paula Santos / Director of Photography: Wilssa Esser / 1st assistant camera: Fernanda de Sena / 2nd assistant camera: Ceres Canedo/ Logger: Daniela Cambraia / Traveling: Luciano Lopes / Luz: Daniel Bollara, Wagner Antônio and Wilssa Esser / Direct Sound Capture: Gustavo Fiorante / Captção : Vinícius Alves / Object Producer: Mariana Rocha / Cenotécnico: Marcos Oliveira / Counterregra: Marcelo Andrade / Production direction: Rubim Productions / Set production : Luna Gomides / Editing: Paula Santos / Color and finishing: Without Course – Audiovisual Projects / Sound Design and Mixing: DR Morris/ Catering: Fatinha / Corporal Preparation: Eliatrice Gischewski / Figurino: Ivana Neves and Leonardo Fernandes / VISUAL PROGRAMMING: Graphic Design: Craft Studio (James Macedo)

Duration: 18min each episode
Parental guidance: 12 years
Local: episodes broadcast on the site www.espetaculoneblina.com.br
Dates: 05 from February to March 1 2021 – Episode premiere: 5/2, 12/2, 19/2 and 26/2. Friday, Saturday, Monday, at 8:00 pm and Sunday, 19h. Available to be assisted until 30 June 2021, always in these days and times.
Chats: 1/2, 08/2, 15/2 and 22/2 and 01/3.
Access: free, upon withdrawal of tickets on the website www.espetaculoneblina.com.br


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Historical – Fog text and montage

The intention to mount the show “Neblina” came from actor Leonardo Fernandes, known for important roles in theater and cinema, being the first actor from Minas Gerais, in 60 years, to receive the APCA award for best actor (2017), of the São Paulo Association of Art Critics, hair only "Puppy Buried Alive". In 2018, he invited Sérgio Roveri (Shell award for best author for “Spread the wings over us”) to write the text, starting with just one image that he had in mind and that he showed the author how it could happen.

“Sérgio had already seen me and I. We are friends and we wanted to work together. I showed the scene in his living room. He saw it and said he already knew what to do. And, after a few weeks, he already sent me the first scene ”. Roveri says he wrote the whole play in three weeks. “When he asked me for the text, I was free to think about anything, but trying to obey that one image that Leo gave me, that is from a car accident. When I started the story I didn't know where it would go, I had this first image of a woman (Sofia) banging on a guy's house, at dawn. It's him (Diego) afraid to open the door, for living in a remote house, and because it is almost midnight and there is a lot of fog ”, account.

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With text in hands, Leonardo Fernandes invited Eliatrice Gischewski, who had already done the body preparation in the play “Cachorro buried alive” and did the preparation and direction assistance of “Sonho das pearls”, text by Sérgio Roveri directed by Leonardo and which ended up premiering before “Neblina”, in 2019. After, he and cultural producer Tatyana Rubim met again (had already worked together on “Horácio”) to raise funds and assemble the team to take the show to the stage. And the team was carefully formed, by trusted and recognized professionals on the scene.

“I have been working with André Cortez for a long time, I had already worked with DR Morris, in Saltimbancos. And I had a dream of working with Yara, she directing some production that we did. Leo and I talked about our desire to have her with us. Yara is an amazing professional, as an actress and as a director, with unmatched sensitivity. And what she does inside the rehearsal room is a poetic treatise. She takes a text, the ideas, the pains, the loves, the references and, with mastery, go drawing each scene, building each character ”, remembers Tatyana.

Yara comments that she welcomed the invitation to join the “Neblina” team. “Leo and Taty are people I have met at some point in my life, either professionally or as a spectator, and we always had a desire to work together. I've worked at Tati at times and all the little meetings we had were very happy. I always wanted to act with Leo or direct him. Together, we invite Fafá Rennó, actress that I've directed in SP. There are two actors, in rehearsal, for many times, I watch what they do and what they create. They are actors with a lot of presence, with lots of resources and a lot of skill ”.

Tatyana Rubim says that, after the desire to work again with actor Leonardo Fernandes, what attracted her to the project was the text. “That because“ Fog ”talks about loss, of grief and the way of overcoming that they found to sublimate this pain, caused me a lot of curiosity. I was also touched by the human capacity to transform in the face of trauma. It is a very important issue to be addressed to people. Which family does not go through a trauma? And my expectation is to really bring a legal reflection to the public ”, adianta Tatyana.


Clarissa Campolina

Resident in Belo Horizonte, has been a partner of producer Anavilhana since 2005, was a member of the Web of 2002 to 2014, where he made documentaries, facilities, short and feature films. With Girimunho (2011), your debut feature, Clarissa achieved international recognition, receiving awards in Venice, Mar Del Plata, Nantes, among others. His second feature film, While we are here (2019), premiered in Rotterdam and was shown at Art of the Real, Sheffield and Olhar de Cinema. His shorts were also shown and awarded in Brasília, Locarno, Oberhausen, among others. She is currently developing her next films: Song in the distance and The Beast in the Jungle. In 2015, had a retrospective at Cinema Arsenal, in Berlin, within the DAAD artistic residency program - Kunstelerprogramm. In 2017, was selected for an artist residency by MacDowell Colony Residency (USA). Clarissa Campolina has been a teacher of Photography Direction at Centro Universitário Una since January 2017.

Yara de Novaes

Actress, theater director and teacher. Taught at PUC-Minas , UFPE and Uni-BH e, currently, at FAAP-SP. She has worked as an actress for 35 years and as a director for more than 25 years. Her most recent works as an actress are “Contractions”, de Mike Bartlett; “An Alaskan Species”, de Harold Pinter; LoveLoveLove, de Mike Bartlett; "Fair", Newton Moreno and “In this Crazy World, On this Brilliant Night ”, by Silvia Gomez. On TV, his most recent works were “Shippados” (Rede Globo), "All the Women in the World"(Rede Globo) and “Brotherhood” (Netflix). He received several awards for his performances and direction, such as, o APCA, Award, Shell, Critical Question, APTR and Applause Brazil. In Belo Horizonte, their homeland, founded two companies, the Theater Group Encena and the Odeon Companhia de Teatro, the latter alongside director Carlos Gradim. On the Odeon, directed and performed in shows of great importance for the Minas Gerais and Brazilian theatrical scene. Among them, Ricardo 3°, de In. Shakespeare and the Coordinator, de Benjamim Galimiri. In 2005, already in São Paulo, founds the Group 3 of Theatre, along with Débora Falabella and Gabriel Fontes Paiva. Directed as guest several shows in the last years, such as, “Uncle Vania” of the Galpão Group, “Path to Mecca”, with Cleyde Yaconis and the adaptations of “A Mulher que Ri”, de Zsigmond Móricz, “Maria Miss”, Guimarães Rosa, "The girls", Lygia Fagundes Telles, "O Capote", the Nicolai Gógol, "White Nights", by Fiodor Dostoiévski., ”Noturno”, with the Inverted Theater, “Shots in Osasco”, by Cássio Pires, with a cast formed by 11 young actors from the Experimental Nucleus of Performing Arts of SESI-SP . His most recent directions are “The Wrath of Narcissus”, by Sérgio Blanco, "Opaque Bodies", a poem-scenic, with Carolina Virguez and Sara Antunes, "Mist", by Sérgio Roveri and “(Draw)memory" – virtual theatrical play.

Wilssa Esser

Graduated in photography direction from EICTV – Cuban Film and Television School- is a member and co-founder of the collective of Women and Trans People in the photography department of Brazil. Since 2014 lives in Brazil where she works as a cinematographer and long-term camera operator, shorts and series. In 2018, received the award for Best Feature Film at the Festival de Brasília 2018 by the film Season, directed by André Novais, also winner of the Best film in the competitive show. Among his latest productions are the feature film Mascarados; The shorts, Republic, Quebramar e Menarca and the Hit Parade Series, of Canal Brasil.

Leonardo Fernandes

Actor, director and illustrator, Leonardo Fernandes, is formed by CEFAR (Artistic Training Center), of the Clovis Salgado Foundation, and Captain Carambola School of Arts (Vespasian), Leonardo received on 2016 o APCA (São Paulo Association of Art Critics) Best Actor for the play “Cachorro Enterrado Vivo”, in addition to being nominated for the Aplauso Brasil Award for the same piece. With 18 professional pieces on your resume, in 2008 received the Usiminas / Sinparc and Sesc / Sated awards for revelation actor for “Two Lost in a Dirty Night”. In 2009, won the Usiminas / Sinparc Award for Best Actor in a children's show for “Flicts”. In 2010, received again the Usiminas / Sinparc Award for Best Actor in Minas Gerais for “Esperando Godot”. In 2008, interpreted “Romeu”, at the Shakespeare Concert of the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Fábio Mecheti and directed by Wilson Oliveira. Leonardo was a professor of interpretation at the Captain Carambola School of Arts (Vespasian) and Studio Arte e Passo (Belo Horizonte), where he taught acting and body classes for actors and dancers and signed the script and direction for three training shows. Recently, premiered the series “Irmandade”, na Netflix, a production by O2 Filmes, with Seu Jorge and Naruna Costa leading the cast. Leonardo is also preparing for the launch of “Pérola”, film directed by Murilo Benício, where he stars in the film alongside Drica Moraes, playing the Brazilian playwright Mauro Rasi. His last works in the theater were in “Casa Submersa”, of the Old Company (SP), with text and direction by Kiko Marques, and "Fog", directed by Yara de Novaes and written by Sérgio Roveri, written especially to be played by the actor. He recently directed and signed the scenography for “O Sonho das Pérolas”, with unpublished text by Sérgio Roveri. For the monologue “Cachorro Buried Alive”, UOL critic and APCA judge, wrote on your portal: “Leonardo's performance was marked in the history of national theater”.

Fafá Rennó

Mineira de Belo Horizonte, Fafá Rennó, lives in São Paulo since 2012. Co-founder and former Member of the Luna Lunera Theater Company, formed by CEFAR- Palace of Arts and Bachelor of Journalism from Universidade FUMEC-BH. Integrated several theatrical productions, being nominated for awards as an actress, director and playwright. He was in the cast of the TV series “Beleza S / A”, "What a monster bit you?”, "Happy forever?”And in participations in the“ Vade Retro ”and“ Assédio ”series by Rede Globo, as well as in the third season of “PSI” from HBO. His most recent works are: the Renée character in the Gloob channel series “Escola de Gênios”; Dona Onion in the feature film by Turma da Mônica – "Ties" – directed by Daniel Rezende; and the participation in the series “Samantha!”, Netflix's “The Chosen One” and “Nobody's Watching”.

Sérgio Roveri

Playwright and journalist, Sérgio Roveri is the author of 25 theatrical plays, of which 20 have already been staged by directors like Elias Andreato, Alberto Button, José Roberto Jardim, Marco Antonio Rodrigues, Rodolfo Garcia Vazquez, Sergio Ferrara, Maria Alice Vergueiro, Yara de Novaes and André Guerreiro. He has been nominated three times for the Shell Best Author, having won in 2007 with the text "Open the Wings About Us". It won first place in the Funarte Dramaturgy Award with the play “Andaime”, in 2008. Part of his theatrical production can be found in the books O Teatro de Sérgio Roveri and Primeiras Obras Collection, edited by the Official Press of the State of São Paulo, and Sérgio Roveri in Quatro Tempos e Medeia, Maria e Marilyn, published by Giostri Editora. Wrote the biographies of actor and playwright Gianfrancesco Guarnieri (A Scream in the Air) and writer Tatiana Belinky (…And whoever wants to tell another), for the Applause Collection. As screenwriter, developed works for Rede Globo and GNT. He is part of the team of authors present at the Coletânea in Spanish Teatro Contemporáneo Brasileño, edited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Has had plays staged in Colombia and Portugal. Some of his texts have been translated into Spanish, English and French. He was one of the authors invited to represent Brazil during the Paris Book Fair, in March 2015.

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