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Creativity Center in Curitiba. Disclosure.

CCC on display at Garden Mall of the Americas

The art of the students and teachers of the Creativity Center of Curitiba will be exposed to the public from this Wednesday (27/09) in the Garden of the Americas Mall. The show "CCC in motion, Innovation and Creativity "brings to the public experiences in mosaics, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, marchetaria, Creative crochet and restoration. The opening event will feature theatrical and musical interventions, a partir the 19h.

The goal of the show is decentralize the culture, as well as disseminate the courses of the CCC and their teachers. According to Pedro Moreira, instructor of the center of Creativity of Curitiba, part of the history and the Mission of the CCC in reveal, introduce and integrate with spaces that allow the visibility of cultural and artistic production of the CCC artists and professionals. "Show the work of the CCC at a mall demanded curatorial project. Develop a cultural action that involves a collective of various areas and believe that the autonomy generates growth is a way of demonstrating the flexibility of a space designed for creativity to mobilize cultural agents and presenting art and the artist, the skills of guiding CCC ", evaluates.

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According to the curator of Arts, Cassandra Joerke, the Debocaemboca company, responsible for the viability of the partnership with the Cultural sector ' Garden of the Americas Mall ', the action allows the CCC a stock space in art, Culture, innovation, business with socio-cultural actions, educational, creative art and cultural expression. "I confess that I'm a fan of various professionals of the CCC and the idea of developing a project together charmed me. Thus was born the CCC in motion. With it came the possibility of bringing the entire CCC for an occupation, an opportunity of appreciating the entity that does so much for so many years Curitiba ", explains.

The exhibition has the following works: mosaico, Patricia Ono: Creative crochet, by Daniel Habib; Yoga, William Nievola Neto; ceramics, Angela Gee and Paul Oberik; in furniture restoration, with Eliane Franchesca da Cruz; trumpet, with Bogdan Skorupa; Guitar Filipi Nadolny and Jean Gabriel; violin, with John Lucas Rauta; children's workshop, drawing and painting, with Regina Donda off Tenius; drawing and painting, with Tania Maria dos Santos.; sculptures with Elvo Benito Damo and painting with Vivien Zanlorenzi.


Opening of the exhibition CCC in motion, Innovation and Creativity
Local: Garden Mall of the Americas (Av. Our Mrs. of Lourdes, 63 – Garden of the Americas)
Date: from 27/09/2017 to 05/11/2017
Opening hours: 19h (27 September, Fourth)
Schedule for visitation: from 10:00 to 10:00 pm (from Monday to Saturday) and the 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm (Sunday)

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