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New exhibition looks. Photo: Mariana Rocha.

Because of Blockbuster, New exhibition looks remains open until 27/10

With free entry, the group show takes place at SESC Quitandinha

Good public demand the exhibition New Perspectives, mounted on SESC Quitandinha, He ensured that shows remain a few days of release. Started in the Winter Festival, in July, it remains open to visitors until 27/10 (Saturday), curated by Claudio Parties and Production Parts Studio / Fabia Rossignoli. The group exhibition is new in its essence, exhibiting works that instigate meanings and renewed looks – either through parts of established artists, whether in promising youth work and names of the art scene in the mountainous region of Rio. Admission is free and the classification is free.

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The exhibition brings together New Looks 16 artists: Ana Clara Guinle, Bruno Belo, Cris Borzino, Doug, JJunior, Time, Kildáry Fields and Collective Stillo, Leo Rey, Licius Bossolan, Loan Tammela, Martha Werneck, Natascha Scagliusi, Pedro Lake, Pedro Vizzini, Raquel Vargas and Vissotto.

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Promoting regional characteristics, their culture and architecture, exposure brought up a selection of works that narrow this link. Among some of the highlights are the paintings of Martha Werneck, traveling through the pictorial research, illustration and design, basis on which it maintains its practical, poetic and thought plastic. In the exhibition you can see the integration of two series of the artist: Small Ofelias and Icebergs.

Loan Tammela, who is also an architect, It presents an interactive installation, made with disposal Woods himself SESC Quitandinha. visual elements of the old palace, hotel and casino still appear in the work of Bruno Belo, shows the result of vigorous research, technique, visual and conceptual wealth, dialoguing with various public. Giving new meaning to the picture, Leo Rey shows your clicks over impressions licks licks with daily records, performed by analog cameras and disclosure processes in black and white.

"The selection of works sought to build an equally diverse way in technical and media, starting the drawing, through the painting – with its wide possibilities and styles, collage, digital art, photography, coming to three-dimensional works, here represented by sculptures, 3D prints and installations, one of them, architectural. set that, certainly, It shows something of the force and scope of Petropolis artists, looks through, new in several respects ", reveals the curator Claudio Parties.

New exhibition looks
Date: Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays, until 27/10/2018
Time: de 9h30 a 17h
Local: Sesc Quitandinha
Address: Avenida Joaquim Rolla, 2 -Quitandinha – Petrópolis/RJ
Rating: Free
Entrance: Free
Information: (24) 2245 2020


Meet the artists:


Time, 20 years, self-taught artist of Petropolis, He began to develop his work there professionally about 3 years, through various media and materials. Since 2017, develops aesthetic / concept of the Colonies. For the exhibition New Looks, sought out the comfort zone: most colonies are contained in notebooks pages, then decided to use more support.


Doug shows, through various media and techniques – Graffiti, watercolor, oil, among others – the range of relations involving the human, nature and environment (environment and social).

In his artworks, human representation recurs. Are perceived nuances of self-representation of the lifestyle as a mere observer or be active which fall within the(a) means(a) and seeks him a symbiotic relationship, leading from simple contemplation to more elaborate reflections.

In the works included in the exhibition we have the man's relationship with nature, where the absence of color makes us pay attention, without subterfuge, the essence of this relationship, as well as puts us in direct contact with his constant search for improvement of pictorial technique. In this sense, We have the work and the artist delivered without fear, a true and authentic.


Develops photographic works, video, painting and drawing, but, the meeting point is the instinctive process of taking a camera, a blank paper, charcoal, ink, watercolor, ink and look compositions that fill the space with paint, light, stains and gestures. The important thing is the impression of a look or an own spelling, giving personality to the images and signs.

"The works in the exhibition New Perspectives depart watercolor stains on paper. I begin to imagine and find, through ink, shapes and volumes of the dissolved ink. "


Martha Werneck was born and resides in Petropolis. He studied a degree in painting from UFRJ School of Fine Arts, institution in which master's degree and PhD in Visual Arts. Since 2007 He is a professor at the School of Fine Arts by the Arts Department Bases, Degree in Painting, where he serves as Assistant Professor.

his subjects, currently focused on self-image and picture research, bring to light the photographic bias and personal history. In the series Small Ofelias and Icebergs, the artist makes the fusion of two images concept: the female body and glaciers, referring to what constitutes the unconscious and the conscious of the individual. Both tell us about what is visible as opposed to what is submerged and deep. this research, the painter deals with the woman's identity of invention, in which the part is unfathomable.


Lícius Bossolan is originally from France and nationalized Brazilian, resides in the city of Petropolis, in Rio de Janeiro. The artist graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the UFRJ and a Master of Visual Arts at the same institution, where it operates today as Professor and Chair of Graduate Painting.

Current poetic research is directed at issues related to body, postmodernity and also those that cover the urban environment and the everyday. From pictures, the artist aims to generate reflections on the contemporary anomie, inspirado a sociology of Emile Durkheim and Jean Duvignaud. In this way, through questions about individuality, They are evoked feelings of loneliness and absence in the present malaise of our time. In addition to the pictorial field, Bossolan has work related to artistic photography, illustration, digital manipulation and concept art. In his works there is the investigation of matérico and photographic - instrumental in its creation process.


“(…) visual research Bruno Belo crosses the photographic, cinematic and pictorial. In this cut, maybe he is the author of more than stating our perplexity with maximized movement and the extreme speeds and flows of almost everything around us. Collector of images from different sources - the vagaries of Quintandinha Palace, in your home Petropolis, where it still resides, the stills and banal or First popularized movie scenes, short and audiovisual, without forgetting paintings by artists he admires, as Peter Doig and Gerhard Richter - each work he completed generates a move into what is now bordered by a chassis. layers, windows, layers e (why not?) links, live in a versatile palette, which can employ more spilled color and monochrome tones that evoke a time that is not the today. Not for nothing, one of the paintings displayed now has weights in La Jetée (1962), Short indispensable French Chris Marker (1921-2012), which has a quite tough work to rigid classifications. (…)”

Mario Gioia


Garden of Dreams is a dramatic series of figurative paintings that cover a dreamlike universe, surreal and full of symbolism. My garden is a place of meditation, a private space built by my own hands. Place of intimate expression and lonely. Each painting is a piece of this garden where my dreams and experiences are fused dramatically. The elements related to sexuality pierce the eyes of those who only see flowers, hands pluck petals and the sense of punishment is present linked to female representation and conjugated to my self-image.


On display are sculptures of the new phase of the artist, Parallel to the production of paintings. The works carried out to dispose of wood generate modular sculptures from numerous combinations of fittings, adding fluidity, dynamic mobility and, so intense and gifts in current times, breaking with the rigidity normally associated with sculpture. The unpredictability and enjoyed characteristics of the materials found to confer its own parts and provocative aesthetic that moves from machine, tool and fauna, accentuated by the mutability of the parties that make up.


The work presented in the exhibition was held with disposal of material found in the actual space of the SESC Quitandinha, built over a week by the artist and invited staff. Dwell Debris is compared with the simple houses built with discarded materials, old wood and other, generating contrast in the territory opposite the mega real estate and landscape projects.

"This project is a result of the workshop In Search of Form, do LAMO (Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism / UFRJ) in which the subject has developed computational processes in which the form is not pre-established, and yes “found”. On the contrary rationalization path, purification, simplification and abstraction imposed by computer methods, We choose to work with a completely irregular raw material, dirty and “real”: the debris resulting from the fire that struck the building itself of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at UFRJ and left college paralyzed for months. "


artist and art educator. Graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the UFRJ. His research permeates the female universe making physical his poetic where the force of woman (Re)reaches its sacred.

"The work that I am currently developing pass through watercolors and talk to the forms of embroidery. 'Scapegoat' is a metaphor to the place of women in the world. "

CRIS Borzino

The spontaneity and constant drive in the works of artist evoke primary feelings you crave, above all, to express and live by promoting direct relations, without filters or masks, not domesticated or converted in poor representations of truth or soul.

The exhibited paintings extol the feminine and their right to freedom while, through embroidery, allude to bonds, imprisonment and search for the disruption undertaken throughout history.

In the photography work we have an overlap of images created from reflections, accentuated by the choice of reflective material that inserts us into this "selfie", for transporting the plurality of being and that there is in all I.


Photographer with several research in analog photography area, capture, Revelation and extensions, Leo Rey is a restless observer of urban and social life, with attentive look for subtle ephemeral moments that make afterlife from their photographic lenses. The exhibited photos in New looks are part of its extensive range of urban photographs Petropolis city daily recorded in analog process with 35mm film.

The licks licks posters – common media, temporary and widely used in urban centers – were the chosen shape to return the captured images.


The works of the artist are referenced architectural and urban elements. These elements fill the spaces without the obligation to convey the meanings set forth in the "real world".

In Quadrants Series, in a front view, windows (demarcated by a white geometric grid in the foreground) They are open to the geometries appear. At the same time, by an aerial view, has rigid marking an urban plan (urban area) demonstrating the presence of transverse and parallel pathways, causing arise blocks (geometries).

The series is called Grids because the word in English is broader meaning. translates as grids, knitwear, frames, networking, grills, arrays.


The works presented, that are designed to participate in the II Exhibition of Integrated Arts Willkommen, on the occasion of the celebrations of the German colonization in Petropolis 2017, highlight the diversity of thought and its many levels of perception, conducting a multicultural dialogue at the same time separating the body the head leading to a break between thinking-theorizing and acting, the action.

ShowroomDummies proposes reflection are all insipid window mannequins. The Germanic roots of Petropolitano people are solid and incontestable? This is the questing spirit of the artists involved.


The work of Natascha integrates sophisticated techniques and technologies to research and issues of great artistic sensitivity, based on the botanical area and related to nature. The trees have given their hearts created from computed microtomography an Amazonian tree seed, processed and generate a 3D impression and the other resin from the casting lost wax technique.

In addition to its fundamental importance for the maintenance of life, both trees as the seeds are a huge repertoire of beautiful and complex shapes. To modify them in other materials, forms and scales by the aid of printing and 3D scanning technologies, I invite contemplation and appreciation attentive to these details ignored in an urban everyday.


In the works of the artist, aesthetics, techniques and design of the media are transformed into works of art, approaching and tensing a graphic design relationship with the visual arts and vice versa.

The concept is the result of everyday feelings, social and personal artist relating with oppression and fragmentation, physical and psychological, promoted in the spaces and contemporary relations. Feelings and values ​​sometimes hidden by presentation and radiant, inducing a sense of joy and illusory quality, so present in the advertising media and social networks.

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