Exhibition “Dichotomy: Luxo x Garbage” ends the season of the Sesc/RS Virtual Gallery

Works are signed by visual artist Simone Rosa, of Santa Maria


With a reflection on environmental problems and the consequences of unbridled consumption, to Sesc/RS Virtual Gallery ends the season with the exhibition "Dichotomy: Luxury x Trash”, by artist Simone Rosa, of Santa Maria. A mostra on-line, which is composed of 18 paintings made of 2018 to 2020, it has an audio description and can be visited for free on the website. www.sesc-rs.com.br/galeriavirtual. Eight other exhibitions by artists from the state of Rio Grande do Sul are also available in the space., in addition to complementary materials such as podcasts, mediation videos and exercises.

in the works, luxury is represented by draped fabrics and garbage by scraps of discarded fabrics. These two dichotomous points interact when the canvas seams, made with cutouts, interfere with tissue representation, deconstructing reality through transparency and generating unusual compositions. The latter have the interference of hummingbird flocks, representing the pursuit of feelings of pure love, care, kind, renaissance, softness, happiness, enthusiasm, grace, delicacy, harmony, truth and strength, that are needed at this stage in which humanity is living.

Natural of Santa Maria, Simone Rosa started her career in 1987, with the first awards in salons, followed by group and individual exhibitions, before completing a degree in Fine Arts at UFSM in 1989. Taught in Design and Art courses 1999 to 2017, holds master's degrees in Production Engineering and Contemporary Art, both by UFSM. Currently, studying for a PhD in Design & Technology by UFRGS and dedicated to painting.


Simone's artistic production has several reflections, permeating different recurring themes that intertwine in its poetic path and are present in elements such as unusual scenarios, antique furniture, ancient architecture, patterned fabrics, female nudes, More expensive, Mandalas, hummingbirds and angels. the deconstruction, based on overlap and freedom to create, is the way to build your visual poetry, who found support in the videos (facilities), in digital prints, in drawings and especially in paintings, which initially were on conventional canvases and gradually moved to constructed and/or reused supports, loaded with concern for the environment.

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The Sesc/RS Virtual Gallery, which aims to enhance the relationship of the visual arts with different audiences and value the gaucho artists, presented a different exhibition per month, between april and december. With diverse approaches and techniques, each artist shows part of their collection, composing an exhibition with audio description and virtual meetings during the year. like a physical gallery, the virtual space contains several rooms with exhibitions that will be available for access at any time.

Even in the midst of the pandemic, the Fecomércio-RS/Sesc/Senac System remains close to the community and companies in Rio Grande do Sul. “Following the authorities' recommendations and maintaining everyone's health care, the services continue to be delivered and are making a difference in the lives of thousands of people and companies in the trade in goods, services and tourism. Since 2020 We also make our support available virtually to remain close to the people of Rio Grande do Sul.”, says the president of the Fecomércio-RS/Sesc/Senac System, Luiz Carlos Bohn. The manager also remembers that the portal www.pertodevc.com.br continues with free online programming in various areas such as: entrepreneurship, education, Sport, health, Culture, leisure and social action.


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